Birthday Card Messages

There are various festivals in every culture and tradition where families and friends gather and there is a feast arranged for a special occasion. Birthdays are very much similar to a festival for each individual. Depending on the place, it is either celebrated grandly or on a small scale. A birthday is a special day for everyone and is also an opportunity to be grateful for being alive for another year. We as well as our loved ones spend days to plan the celebration to mark the day of a ‘birthday boy’ or a ‘birthday girl’.

Children take time to make handmade cards, while the adults save money to purchase a special birthday gift to the person. Birthday cards are always included with the presents as they offer personalized wished. While some pick cards with a simple message like “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in it. However, most people do their best to go beyond the spectrum of just a basic birthday wish. Whether formal or informal, the wishes are supposed to be appreciative, heart-warming, tear-jerking, a humorous message that makes the person’s birthday even more memorable.

Formal birthday wishes

Formal birthday wishes are a little tricky as they demand to trap the grey area of being formal as well as conveying it in such a way that every emotion towards the person flows in without losing the protocol of formality. It always depends on the kind of relationship you have with that person – an employer, employee, etc. Let’s look at a few messages that can be used as formal birthday messages.

  • Happy birthday, Sir! Have an awesome day and stay blessed.
  • Give me this opportunity to thank you as it is because of you that I am successful today. Happy birthday, Boss.
  • Happy birthday “person’s name”, stay blessed and have a great year ahead.
  • You are an excellent example for all of us. Keep soaring high. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing all the happiness and success to you. Many many happy returns of the day.

Informal birthday messages

Every birthday marks a special day in our lives. A new chapter to start, a chance for improvement, an opportunity to forget all the sad memories from the past. It merits the day of celebration with our dear and near ones. This day will be even more remarkable if we let them know how much do they mean to us. Here are a few messages to help make the day a bit more fabulous.

  • Name, To the most beautiful soul, I know! Happy birthday.
  • I wish today would be unforgettable and awesome to a special person like you. Happy birthday, my dearest ‘Name’.
  • I wish you not just today but a lifetime of happy surprises your way. Happy birthday, dear/Name.
  • My dear ‘Name’, May you be showered with blessings and all your wishes be granted.
  • ‘Name’, a year older already! Loads of kisses and warmest hugs to you on your birthday.

Birthday messages to parents

Parents are the reason that we even exist in this world. No other gift could ever outdo the gift of life that our parents have given to us. Let’s use their birthdays as an opportunity to express how grateful we are towards them and payback even a small fraction of everything that they have done and gone through for us.

  • Happy birthday Mom/Dad. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Thank you for my life.
  • Happy birthday to the angel on earth. No amount of words can ever justify my love and gratefulness towards you.
  • You deserve all the love and bliss that the world holds within. Happy birthday Mom/Dad.
  • i am the luckiest child ever to be your son/daughter. Happy birthday, Ma/Pa/Mom/Dad. I love you so much.
  • You have always been an incredible mother/ father. Today is your day to be spoiled. Happy birthday!

Birthday messages to siblings

Siblings have been our constant partners in crime. Growing up, we share every joy and sorrow with them. Siblings are technically our support system, our motivators, our protectors. Siblings have been our parents, friends, partners, all in one. Let us make their birthdays even more special with these messages that you can include in the cards and presents.

  • Happy birthday, ‘Name’. May this day and every day be as special as you are.
  • Thank you for always protecting me, brother/sister. Happy birthday. (For older siblings)
  • You should thank me for always keeping your secrets… as well as your real age! Happy birthday, sister.
  • I love having you as elder my brother/ sister and even more that I will always be the youngest and most loved in the house. Happy birthday, oldie!
  • No matter how old you try to act, you will always be my little brother/ sister. Happy birthday little one. Have fun and stay blessed always — loads of love to you.

Birthday wishes to friends

Friends are the family we choose. No one is luckier in this world than the one who has found a friend for life and they play a major role in our lives. This being said, it is really challenging to find the perfect words for such a person. Here are a few sentences that can help you write a perfect birthday card. However, you can always add more to personalize your wishes

  • This life would be a tad bit tougher without you in it. Happy birthday, ‘Name’.
  • Thank you for growing old with me. To many more grey hairs and wrinkles! Happy birthday.
  • Your birthday is even more important to me than my own because I get to smack the cake in your face. Happy birthday, monster!
  • I don’t know how many more of your birthdays I can handle! I love you to the moon and back.
  • Birthdays come and go every year, but a friend like you only happens once in a lifetime — happy birthday, best friend.