Graduation Card

Graduation means receiving an academic degree that allows you to pursue further education. There are different degrees, and the main graduation is considered when you pass your high school. Graduating from high school is also a mark of a child turning into a young man or a young woman. Depending on the country you live in, the high school grades usually different. After high school, the student enters the second stage of education, that is college. Most people also pursue higher education and achieve a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate as well in order to choose a profession or continue to learning.

When a student graduates, it is one of the greatest achievement of their life. Hence, they deserve a congratulatory note. Parents give them presents, and they include personal wishes in them as well.  Friends, siblings, relatives, and even teachers wish the student to appreciate the achievement in order to encourage them. Often these wishes are formal; however, depending on the relationship with the person, the wishes can be informal. You can use the following examples to add the wishes in the graduation card.

Formal Message

Formal wishes are mostly given by teachers and people who are not too close to the person who is graduating. These wishes are written on the card and sometimes given along with a present like a pen or a book.

  • Wishing you more success in the future. Congratulations, ‘Name of the Receiver’!
  • Dear Name of the Receiver, sending you big congratulations and warmest of hugs!
  • Dear ‘Name of the Receiver, Congratulations! Best wishes for your next achievements.
  • Happy Graduation Day, ‘Name of the Receiver’. May all your wishes come true.
  • Congratulations, ‘Name of the Receiver’. Always dream big and believe in yourself.

Informal Message

Friends and siblings always are closer to each other. More often they also study together. During exams, friends also help each other to achieve their dreams. It is only fitting to add some humor in the wishes.

  • Wow, ‘Name of the Receiver’. You did it! Kudos to your well-deserved success!
  • Time to party and celebrate! You are a graduate, finally! Congratulations, Name of the Receiver.
  • It looks like you made it, Name of the Receiver. Make the best of this day. Happy Graduation. And you are taking us to, ‘Name of the Place’, thanks.
  • Everyone thinks that you have worked hard to get here. I know your secret. Just kidding! Now relax and enjoy this to your fullest. Congratulations, Name of the Receiver.
  • Is it true that you graduated already! I am so happy that you are happy and that calls for a Happy Meal! Anyway, congratulations, Name of the Receiver! Make way for more achievements.

Message From Parents

To see a child graduate is every parent’s dream. Hence, the day of graduation is celebrated like birthdays. Parents throw an elaborate dinner or lunch at home and also buy special presents for their child/children to mark their graduation day.

  • My dear daughter/son, I have always seen you work hard for it day and night no matter what the circumstances. You deserved it, Name of the Receiver. Congratulations and enjoy your present.
  • You always make us proud ‘Name of the Receiver’. Happy Graduation Day to you. Just remember this is just the beginning.
  • This is a big day for you, ‘Name of the Receiver’. Congratulations on your achievement. Keep it up.
  • It always makes parents happy to see the child getting a step closer to his/her dreams. You have indeed made our/my dream come true this day. Happy Graduation Day, ‘Name of the Receiver’.
  • How early has this day arrived and how fast are you growing. We are so happy for you, congratulations on graduation!

Message From Siblings

Siblings are our first and closest friends. Whether they are elder or younger, we always share a special bond with them. If a brother or a sister achieve a milestone in the toughest area of education, it’s a special time to express with a gift or a simple card.

  • ‘Name of the Receiver’, I don’t know how did you manage to get your degree with all the partying, socializing and sneaking around. Congratulations, anyway! Next time don’t forget to invite me to your parties.
  • You are just making it tougher for me to impress our parents! But I am so proud of you. Congratulations big brother/sister.
  • You will always be my inspiration ‘Name of the Receiver’. Congratulations big brother/sister.
  • Wishing you many years of achievement and success. You made us proud.
  • Can’t believe my baby brother/sister is a graduate today! Congratulations ‘Name of the Receiver’.

Message From Teacher/Mentor

When a student graduates, the credit goes to the teacher and student as well. Often teachers and mentors grow a special bond between them. Some teachers play a role or a parent or an elder brother or a sister in a students life to achieve their desired grades and degree. Once that goal is achieved they also bestow their wishes with a card and a present.

  • Dear ‘Name of the Receiver’ I am so happy that you achieved this great milestone. I always knew you could do it. Congratulations!
  • School is over but not the lessons. Always keep learning. Farewell, ‘Name of the Receiver’.
  • Always believe in yourself, and there won’t be any limits to your achievement. Good luck for the future, ‘Name of the Receiver’.
  • Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep achieving. Congratulations, ‘Name of the Receiver’.
  • This not the end but just a beginning – Always give your best, ‘Name of the Receiver’. Happy Graduation Day.