Ideas to Write Greetings on a Father’s Day card

One of the most important annual days is ‘Father’s Day’. Mother’s Day falls on different dates in the United States and the United Kingdom and other countries. In the same way, there is no set a date for the celebration of Father’s Day and the days also varies as per the country and culture. Father’s Day was celebrated during the middle ages too. March 19th’s feast of Saint Joseph was considered as Father’s Day as he was Father of Catholicism. However, it was not until the 20th century; many countries’ began to celebrate Father’s Day just as they complement Mother’s Day. Most common dates to celebrate Father’s Day is June’s second Sunday. There many countries which celebrate the same on the first or the third Sunday of June.

Similar to other wishes and greetings, Father’s Day wishes are also very prominent every year. Father’s Day is not a limited biological father. A step-father and any parental male figure in a person’s life play a role of a father. You can wish your relatives, uncle, and grandparents who have children too.

For Father

Most father’s do everything they can to provide for their family, especially children. Children save money throughout the year to give something special. More than a present on Father’s Day, a handwritten note will melt your father’s heart.

  • Happy Father’s Day, dad. Thank you for being my hero.
  • Dearest Dad/Father/Papa, my appreciations will fall short but thank you so much for giving me life and the best one of all. Happy Father’s Day.
  • There’s no possible way I could pay you back for all that you have done for me growing up. I wouldn’t be what I am today without you. Thank you so much for everything, Papa/Dad/Daddy.
  • Dearest Papa/Dad/Daddy, You are my hero, my inspiration, my best friend. Happy Father’s Day.
  • I didn’t need a Father’s Day to express my gratitude but the older I get, the more I understand you. So I want to take this opportunity and wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

For grandfather

You can also take time to wish your maternal grandfather as well as the paternal grandfather. You can thank them for bringing their parents into this world and instilling them with the values that your parents have passed to you.

  • A grand day to my grandfather. Much love to you, Gramps/Grandpa/Papa.
  • You are my true inspiration, Gramps/Grandpa/Papa. Happy Father’s Day.
  • To the man who will always hold a special place in my heart. Gramps/Grandpa/Papa, Happy Father’s Day.
  • It’s a blessing to have you our guidance with all of us. We love you, Gramps/Grandpa/Papa.
  • To the man who is our strength, our happiness, and our guide to wisdom. Happy Father’s Day, Gramps/Grandpa/Papa.

For Husband

After marriage, man’s life is changed the moment he becomes a father. A spouse can always use this opportunity to wish the husband and make them feel special. It doesn’t matter if he is celebrating Father’s day for the first time or he has welcomed a grandchild.

  • You are the best husband I could ask for my kids. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Thank you for all the sacrifices you are making and the lengths to which you are going for the happiness of our family. Happy Father’s Day.
  • We are so fortunate to have you in our lives. I am so proud of the father you’ve become and the wonderful husband you are. Happy Father’s Day, my love!
  • Thank you so much for always being there for us. We love you.
  • Let’s celebrate this day to let you know how amazing husband and loving father you are. You are the best. Happy Father’s Day.

For brother

There is always a special bonding between siblings. If you are a brother or a sister to a sibling who is raising children, it is important to let them know how proud you are for his dedication for their children. Father’s Day is just the right opportunity.

  • You have grown up to be a fine man and an incredible father just like ours — happy Father’s Day little brother.
  • You have always been a father figure to me big brother, and now I can see how much of a great father you are to your children. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Of course, Father’s Day is a special day, this year it means more because now you’re there among the best dads.
  • It makes me so happy to see you doing an excellent job at being the best father to my nephew/niece/s. Happy Father’s Day.
  • I always knew you would be the greatest dad one day.

For son

A father of a grown-up son(s) always finds a way to appreciate him/them and carry immense pride to see them complete their education, get a job, and settle down. However, watching them become a father doubles the joy. Father’s Day is surely the right time to wish the son(s) and share each other’s happiness.

  • So very proud of you and the kind of father you have become. Happy Father’s Day.
  • No matter how much of a great dad, you become, you will always be my baby. Happy Father’s Day.
  • You are growing up to be exactly like your dad. And we are so proud of you, my son. Happy Father’s Day.
  • Now that you are a dad, perhaps you will better understand our parenthood. Happy Father’s Day.
  • We are so lucky to have you as a son and your kids even luckier to have you as their father.