Baby Father

Meaning of “Baby Father”

The phrase “baby father” means the biological father of the baby but not married to the mother of the child. It also means a person who has stayed in exclusive relationships, such as a live-in or open relationship with the mother of the child. The couple is not committed or legally married. The phrase is also considered as an insult.

Origin of “Baby Father”

The phrase “baby father” was used in Jamaica at first and was introduced to the United Kingdom by the Jamaicans. It has been in common use in the early 20th century. However, it was used in print for the first time in The Gleaner, a newspaper, in its publication of July 1932 as “I was returning from my baby father’s house.” Later, it has become popular during the 90s and is still common in written spoken and written English. It is also used as “babyfather,” a joined word, and sometimes with a hyphen as “baby-father.”

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Baby Daddy Vs. Father by Robert Cathey

“Baby Daddy” is an **** title
It sounds so stupid to me.
“Father” sounds much better
It represents family.
A “Baby Daddy” plants his seed
Then runs around & roam.
A “Father” isn’t as selfish
His kid’s needs eclipses his own.
A “Baby Daddy” likes to have fun
Not thinking of his girl or boy.
A “Father” loves his children
Their happiness brings him joy.
A “Baby Daddy” can get mad
If the mother doesn’t want him anymore.
A “Father” doesn’t care about all that
Because it’s only about his children, they’re the ones he adores.
A “Baby Daddy” could care less
If he doesn’t hear from his children.

The song compares the phrases ‘baby father’ and ‘baby daddy’ and also ‘father’s qualities. Later, he clears that a Baby Daddy is often careless and only pays attention to his happiness, while the Father is more responsible.

Example #2

Babyfather by Andy Nicholls and colleagues and sung by Sade

We were waiting for the bus
No-one much around but us
Then I see this young boy cut a look at me

I’m stunned
In a daze
He had the whole street set ablaze
It’s only love they say
Makes you feel this way
She liked his eyes she wanted more
The baby gonna have your smile for sure

He saw a lovely girl
Smelling sweet and soapy like fresh air
She saw him looking acted like she didn’t care

That’s how we knew
And so love grew a flower
A flower that is you

Your daddy knows you’re a flame

The song narrates a beautiful story of a girl and a boy. The song states how the girl and the boy meet at a bus station and fall in love. Their love gives birth to a child who is compared to a flower. As the couple was not married and the child is the product of love, the young boy is addressed as ‘babyfather’ of the child.

Example #3

Babyfather by Aldo Krass

Baby father
Look after your child
Now that your wife gave birth
To your child
A minute ago

Aldo Kraas has beautifully explained the meanings of this phrase in this short poem. He tries to encourage a young man and also draws his attention to his newborn child. However, here, the child is born to his wife.

Example #4

Agbala, the Virgin Goddess by Chinazor Onianwah

On the eight days of the twin’s birth, the town of Nri was agog with preparation for the circumcision of the boy and the naming ceremony. Agbala’s brothers and sisters returned home with their own family. In the cacophony of pounding mortars, crackling open fires and music, the womenfolk teased Agbala about her unidentifiable baby-father. They let it be known that it could only have been the miracle worker about town. She tried to deny that Eri was her baby-father, but no one was convinced. They were happy for her regardless.

The above paragraph shows how women are teasing Agbala about the baby father of her child. Although they are praising her, yet they are unsure. The phrase has been used for the anonymous person. Agbala tries to tell that Eri is the father, but nobody believes her. The phrase has been used with a hyphen yet sticks to the original meanings.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “Silvia is happy to be pregnant, but she refused to divulge the secret of the baby father.”

Example #2: “In this society, a baby father is given the same status as the legal father, and both fathers take up the responsibilities of their kids.”

Example #3: “John was always addressed as Kyle’s ‘baby father’ until he married Kyle’s mother. Kyle was already 10 years old, and John readopted Kyle legally.”

Example #4: “Because of the failing traditions and family values, many children are born out of wedlock. It’s a shame their fathers are absent and known only as a baby father.”

Example #5: Baby boomers are different from baby fathers who are men having children without being married. Baby boomers preferred marriage, while the next generations hated marriage and commitments.