As Good Luck Would Have It

Meaning of “As Good Luck Would Have It”

The phrase “as good luck would have it” indicates the importance of chance in life. It is mostly used in a positive sense when a person succeeds without putting much effort. In simple terms, a person was fortunate by chance. The phrase ‘as good luck would have it’ is rarely used and is replaced by ‘as luck would have it’ in most places.

Origin of “As Good Luck Would Have It”

The phrase “as good luck would have it” is stated to have been coined by William Shakespeare as he has used it in his play, The Merry Wives of Windsor, published in 1600. The famous character of Falstaff uses this expression as;

“You shall hear. As good luck would have it, comes in one Mistress Page; gives intelligence of Ford’s approach; and, in her invention and Ford’s wife’s distraction, they conveyed me into a buck-basket.”

With the time, this phrase has transformed into “as luck would have it” after the removal of “good,” but both are applicable.

Examples in Literature

Examples #1

As Luck Would Have It by Donall Dempsey

Lady Luck laughing:
“Pick a hand…any hand! “
I pick the right.
Resting on her palm is
the tiniest little beginning.
I ask:
“What’s in the left? “
But she refuses
to show me
her hand behind her back
holds it high out of reach.
Finally I force her
to show me
& reluctantly she
shows me
opens her palm.
In it is
The End.

‘As Luck Would Have It’ is a short free verse poem. It explains the meaning of this phrase used in its title. However, he personifies the luck calling it as Lady Luck, who plays a guessing game. He complains that she does not show him the left palm though she showed the right one. When he insists and forces her to show, she shows him the right hand unwillingly. The other palm reads, ‘The End’. Perhaps it means the end of life or the end of good times. However, it is up to the poet to believe in the role of chance in our lives that this phrase signifies.

Examples #2

As Luck Would Have It by Tom Rosenthal

Unsung don’t say it, touch it, or replay it, it only happens once
So long to last lines, every time’s the first time, I’m off to have some fun
A cauldron of potions, drops of the oceans, couldn’t solve this one
As luck would have it I’m on the planet, and so it seems are you

The above lines are from one of the stanzas from the song. Here the phrase used in a positive sense. The artist tells his beloved that everything happens for the first time whether she accepts it or not. It seems that chance would have it that both are born on the planet Earth at the same time. Therefore, it goes in their favor as they are born to love each other. The phrase here means that they are lucky ones.

Examples #3

As Luck Would Have It by Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi, a theatre maestro, went on to win the title of ‘Sir’. He was born in Leytonstone, a dinghy neighborhood in London, where his father worked in a store and mother as a secretary. In spite of his humble background, Sir Derek Jacobi rose to become the greatest theatre actor of his time. Derek performed as Hamlet during Edinburg festival and also attended Cambridge. The book also presents the funniest and warmest moments of his life on and off stage. Therefore, the meanings of the phrase used as the title of his autobiography are clear from his life.

Examples #4

As Luck Would Have It: An Autobiography by Tom De Paolo

Tom De Paolo worked as a photographer in the US Air Force as well as in the Disneyland and on the television. His life on television and relationships with the Disney family won him success in television programs and the entertainment field. As he has been a successful consultant after retirement, this phrase shows the true meanings through the depiction through different events of his life.

Examples in Sentences

Examples #1: “As luck would have it, he succeeded in his examinations by securing the top position.”

Examples #2: “A letter from my favorite celebrity! I never expected that he would reply, but as good luck have it I am reading it.”

Examples #3: “The storm was on full rage but as good luck would have it all the sailors reached the shore safely.”

Examples #4: “There are very few things in this world that are very hard to achieve. However, as good luck would have it, some people achieve it without putting much effort.”

Examples #5: “Rescuing people from the warzone is a dangerous task. As good luck would have it the US army save 30 people last week.”