Brand Spanking New

Meanings of “Brand Spanking New”

The phrase “brand spanking new” means a thing that is entirely new and in bright shape. Generally, people use this phrase when clothing or objects is just purchased from a shop and have not been used for a long time. We can also use this phrase to sell refurbished goods.

Origin of “Brand Spanking New”

The word brand was perhaps introduced in 950 A.D., which was used to call a hot burned wooden stake. ‘To brand’ is giving a permanent mark of ownership to jewelry or even an animal with a hot stake or iron. The phrase “brand spanking new” has originated from its earlier version of ‘brand new’ that has been used as back as in 1570 by John Foxe in his Sermons. Later, it was used by Henry Angelo in his Reminiscences in 1930 when he talked about feet into “a bran-span new pair of fashionable pumps.” Since then, it has become popular with its new spellings “brand spanking new.”

Examples in Literature

Example #1

The Twelve by Simon R. Gladdish

i am not easily defeated or deflated
And I wouldn’t be here now if I were.
In fact, I’ve just been online
Using my seriously overdrawn credit card
To order a brand spanking new
Poetry Detector!

In the above lines, the poet speaks about his quest for a new poem. He decides to stay focused and strong to get the brand new subject to write one. He does not want to face defeat easily. In fact, he is willing to plunge into the sea of Google and find new thematic ideas to write a poem. The phrase is used for his maxed-out credit card as well, to is used to purchase a Poetry Detector. Perhaps the phrase also implies the search for his new credit card.

Example #2

The Legend of the Mary Celeste and Other Poems by Francis Kerr Young

The ship was deemed sound and ready to haul
So her latest owners ambitiously warped her into the East River that Fall
To ship a cargo to warm Italy.
Seventeen hundred casks of alcohol
Would be loaded from Manhattan quay.
The Mary Celeste looked brand spanking new
All that she needed was captain and crew.

This poetic tale around is about Captain Benjamin, this ship encounters a mysterious journey when going from New York to Italy. It was an American merchant ship found near the Azores Islands, drifting and abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean on December 4, 1872. This stanza shows that it is taking casks to Italy. It looks quite new as the phrase “brand spanking new” shows used in the second last line. The captain and crew have not boarded the ship as yet.

Example #3

Viva Lost David: A Las Vegas Adventure by Jacob Orenge

We were riding in my brand spanking new (OK, so it was used – I mean certified pre-owned (aka” crazy plum metallic”) Chevy HHR. I used a chunk of my graduation money for the down payment right before I left New York. I let him drive as I wanted my undivided attention focused on the sights we’d pass. It was my first time on the road west of Vegas and I was excited for new scenery. However, my little rock star looked particularly amazing; I found it hard to take my eyes off him as we headed out on the interstate.

This novel presents the story of a young man from Vegas. The excerpt here shows his love for brand new vehicles. He is talking about the Chevy that he has purchased. The phrase has been used to show the condition of his car which is “crazy plum metallic.” It means that the phrase has been used in its literal sense.

Example #4

The Trainee by A. F. Knott

The man looked me up and down then went on. “I locked my tools in my truck. I’ve got a hammer drill, all my bits. I’ve got my new electric jig saw, got all my tools in plain view for crying out loud. I’ve got my work boots in there, my new steel toecap work boots and my brand spanking new overalls.”

This conversation has been taken from, The Trainee, a novel, by A. F. Knott. It shows two characters talking about the gadgets in the truck. The man is telling the narrator that he has everything in his truck including his new overalls and boots. He has used the phrase for his new overalls as “my brand spanking new overalls.” It shows the literal meanings of the phrase.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “Horace has purchased a brand spanking new car this year.”

Example #2: “John Sinclair has shown that though he likes, a brand spanking new player, plays vigorously, he has his own hesitation.”

Example #3: “The Grandma’s china was 150 years old and still looked brand spanking new.

Example #4: “Walt’s dad warned him to maintain the car as if it was brand spanking new, even though it was a used car.

Example #5: “Betty loved to show off her brand spanking new ball gown she bought for prom.