As The Crow Flies

Meaning of “As The Crow Flies”

The phrase “as the crow flies” means to use a direct line without any shortcuts. Additionally, it means to find an easy and quick solution. The phrase is used while pointing the intelligence of the bird that it flies in a straight line and takes the shortest route.

Origin of “As The Crow Flies”

The phrase “as the crow flies” is stated to have been used by W. Kenrick, the writer of the London Review of English and Foreign Literature, published in 1767. He has used this phrase in it exactly in the same words regarding the Spanish people saying that they “always travel as the crow flies.” Since then, the phrase has been found commonly used in English.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Crow Flies by Dave Alan Walker

A single crow flies
flies to free the soul
from the flesh of the one
who’s been laid to rest

And to let that soul see
all that is beautiful
in a spirit world of
love and peace

This short poem explains the journey of a crow. He tells that the bird flies to feel freedom and peace. He flies away to free his soul from those who have died. He then takes his soul to seem the world and feel fresh. The thematic strand points to the use of the phrase as the title of the poem.

Example #2

As the Crow Flies by Tony Joe White and sung by Rory Gallagher

As the crow flies, baby
Will I ain’t so far from you
As the crow flies, baby
Will I ain’t so far from you
But since I don’t have wings
I can’t get home as fast as I want to

As the crow flies, baby
Will I ain’t so far from you
As the crow flies, baby

The song is about a man trying to guide his beloved towards him. He assures her that he is not far away from her. However, there is a problem that he has no wings and that he cannot fly. He uses the phrase to tell her that he trying is taking a shorter route to reach her. However, he would take time to be with her.

Example #3

As the Crow Flies by Damien Boyd

The novel, As the Crow Flies, is about a conspiracy that kills a climber, Jake Fayter. His friend, Nick Dixon is to uncover the plot hatched to kill him. The more he reveals the conspiracy, the more he becomes aware of the crooked acts of Fayter. In other words, it seems to him that Fayter has been detested by all because of his foul plays. Therefore, the novel, in an ironical way, shows the use of this phrase that not everybody is as straight and honest as they are supposed.

Example #4

As the Crow Flies by Sheila Keenan

The book describes simple facts of the crows’ behavior, flying pattern, eating habits through a narrative. Specifically, the first part is reserved for crows and their interaction with other creatures. It is an interesting read for children because of the poetic verses. One of the samples is given below. The phrase is used in a literal sense.

We cause such
a mighty ruckus,
there’s no chance
you’ll overlook us.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “Horatio traveled 45 hours to reach from one city to another. As the crow flies, he should have opted for a short route.”

Example #2: “Although Katlyn tells us that her village is just a few miles away as the crow flies.

Example #3: “Even if you travel as the crow flies, if you don’t have a map, you will be lost.

Example #4: “Maya was tired after a long drive, she decided to take a different road as the crow flies to reach her destination early.”

Example #5: “Don’t go as the crow flies. Sometimes, thugs wait on the highways to rob and even kill us.”