As Snug As a Bug

Meaning of “As Snug as a Bug”

The phrase “as snug as a bug” is part of a long-phrase ‘As Snug As a Bug in a Rug’. The phrase means to ger comfortable and cozy in any circumstance. The phrase is generally used when a person learns to adjust in difficult situations or get used to something new very quickly. It also means to feel relaxed.

Origin of “As Snug as a Bug”

The phrase “as snug as a bug” has first appeared only with the word “snug” in Captain Vyatt’s book The Voyage of Robert Dudley published in 1595. However, it only shows the use of “snug” and not the phrase in toto. The first complete print usage of this phrase is traced to David Garrick’s book that he wrote praising Shakespeare. It was published in 1769. This book shows the use of this phrase as “I’ll have her, as snug as a bug in a rug.” Since then, this phrase has been used in different print formats depicting almost the same meanings.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

My Faithful Guard by Melinda Worland

“Ted E Bear kept my back
Warm and safe with his potato sack
And I snuggled down under my quilt each night
Safe from the scaries that gave me fight
My daddy came in and gave me a hug
Smiled and said you’re now as snug as a bug
He would tell me guard to take care of me.”

The poem perhaps shares her childhood experience and the relationship between her and her father. The poet’s father entrusts her safety to their bodyguard. She tells about her comfortable life at home where she has her own toys and things to play with. When her father comes to meet her, he observes that she is indeed comfortable with the arrangement. The phrase is used to express the safety of the child. However, the last line expresses the regret of the child. As a child loves to spend time with their parents instead of a bodyguard.

Example #2

Somebody Needs a Hug by Keith Anderson

Somebody needs a hug
A little a personal attention,
Some good ol’ loving and affection
Yeah, I’m talkin’ full body good Lord Almighty
C’mon and get you some
You need to be wrapped up
Snug as a bug in a rug
A big ol’ teddy bear squeeze where you can barely breathe
Somebody needs a hug”

Here the poet is addressing his love. Instead of directly talking to her, she uses ‘someone’ to create a romantic atmosphere. He assures his lover that he knows her needs. He further assures her that he will hug her and make her comfortable. Here the use of the phrase is to get comfortable with a person and be intimate.

Example #3

The Passage of Time by Ann Williams

“And so a plan was hatched for them to leave Des Moines and start farming. In early February, Deane went to Des Moines with his truck, helped them pack their furniture, and move to the farm. They had purchased an oil stove, and Deane gave them a round wood heating stove that should keep the house fairly warm. With the furniture they already had, they should be sung as a bug in a rug. Since the house was a two-story Betsy Ann closed off the upstairs and they used only the four large rooms on the first floor, a pantry, and a black porch. They were soon settled in, but it would be awhile before they could really call themselves farmers.”

The Passage of Time narrates the story of a farming community. Here two men, Deane and Des Moines discuss how to shift their house and move to a ranch they have purchased. When they visit the new house, they see that they have enough furniture to feel happy and comfortable. It is here that the narrator has used the phrase to highlight the good life of the families. Here the phrase means comfort that people feel at home.

Example #4

Oktober by Martin Amis

“Really? She wasn’t in it, was she?”
“Her? No, snug as a bug in Sheffield, thanks very much.”

Oktober tells a journey of a refugee author Martin, who comes across a logical sight in Germany. Here this first-person narrator and his acquaintance Geoffrey discuss the female character, Sophia. He bungalow was destroyed fire, and they assume it might have been due to electric shock. Martin enquires if Sophia had died. Geoffrey using the phrase, tells Martin that she is safe and is in Sheffield. Here the phrase is used to express safety.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “Jonah was going to the camp for the first time. He had never slept in a sleeping bag, and he was nervous. After the tiring day, he felt as snug as a bug in the bag and fell asleep.”

Example #2: “Terry visited his grand-aunt for the first time. She made him feel as snug as a bug and offered him attic room, which was his dad’s favorite.”

Example #3: “Sonia had a sleepover at her friend Hanna’s place. Hanna also invited five other girls. They all slept in one room and appeared as snug as a bug in a rug.”

Example #4: “How can you feel as snug as a bug on a trek? There are no soft beds or pillows to sleep at night. However, for Fran, these comforts didn’t matter.”

Example #5: “Don’t worry about me, said Manny. I am as snug as a bug.”