All in All

Meaning of “All in All”

The phrase “all in all” means on the whole or considering the whole situation. It also means that all things have been considered before the final decision. In other words, it is the final decision or opinion after the consideration of all aspects.

Origin of “All in All”

The phrase “all in all” has occurred in the Bible in Corinthians 15:28 where it goes thus; “That God may be all in all.” It means that goes is all things and in all places. Later the term was used by the Edinburgh Advertiser in its publication of July 1829 where it is used as “We saw the second night of “Peter Wilkins,” a piece, taking it all in all, we never saw got up better in or out of London.” Since then, it has become a common phrase used by all and sundry.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Henry-V by William Shakespeare

 “Hear him but reason in divinity,
And all-admiring with an inward wish
You would desire the king were made a prelate:
Hear him debate of commonwealth affairs,
You would say it hath been all in all his study:
List his discourse of war, and you shall hear
A fearful battle render’d you in music:”

Canterbury speaks these words in response to Fly when asked whether they are witnessing any change. Canterbury responds that the king is engaged in religious debates so much so that he wishes him to be a bishop. It seems that the king has a good knack of debating about commonwealth and he seems to have everything on his fingers’ tips. The phrase “all in all” shows that the king is highly educated and knows everything.

Example #2

You Are My All in All by Dennis Jernigan

You are my strength when I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all
Seeking You as a precious jewel
Lord to give up I’d be a fool
You are my all in all

Jesus Lamb of God worthy is Your name
Jesus Lamb of God worthy is Your name
Taking my sin my cross my shame
Rising again I bless your name
You are my all in all
When I fall down you pick me up
When I am dry You fill my cup
You are my all in all

This hymn by Dennis Jernigan is written to express praises to Jesus, God and the ultimate sacrifice. It is widely sung in churches all over the world. The song is stressing on the fact that God is everything by using the phrase “all in all.”

Example #3

All In All by David McLansky

All in all,
Not a bad life
Brief Ectasy
Twixt long bouts
Of strife;
A lack of guidance
Amid a long education
Wisdom my goal
Weekly my desperation;
The search for true love
My daily obsession,
Poor choices made
in a world of expectation;
And then my life near the end
you arrived at my door,
My best true new friend
Your husband didn’t want
You no more;
So in the end
At the last we discovered
A true love profound
Deep under the covers
You lost a hundred pounds,
You needn’t have bothered

The above song sums up the modern lifestyle. It means in spite of all the bad choices, all things considered, life is not bad. The singer adds that education does not give experience and wisdom can form durable relationships. Therefore, by the end of the day, when a person loses his interest in life or in relations, he or she can continue living, and everything will be okay.

Example #4

 All in All: An Actor’s Life on and off the Stage by Stacy Keach

Besides a character actor, Stacy Keach is also known as a classical actor having made debut in King Lear and Hamlet. He has also been a friend of great people such as Scott, Papp and Oliver Stone. This book is his memoir in which he presents the story of his arrest, his trail, drug addiction and struggles in forming relationships. Although it is a very long story having memorable life events and incidents, he has titled it with this phrase, to sum up, his entire life in just “all in all” in three words.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “Joseph is not very smart in the class, but all in all the teacher thought he did well.”

Example #2: “It was hard to change three flights. Anyway, all in all, the trip went well.”

Example #3: “All in all, Tanya threw a great party, and everyone enjoyed it.”

Example #4: “The manager proposed a new budget for the company. All in all, it was beneficial for the employees who worked very hard.”

Example #5: “Raven has been in and out of hospitals throughout the year. All in all, she is doing well and taking her medications.”