Chick Flick

Meanings of “Chick Flick”

The phrase “chick flick” means the films or movies that seduce women for their storylines or characters and situations. It is a slang term, commonly used as an insult, for the film genre that is more likely to be watched by women, especially young women. These film themes are mostly love and romance.

Origin of “Chick Flick”

The phrase “chick flick” is stated to have originated from the comments of Russ Meyers perhaps made in 1988 as found from the Bergen Country Record about the movies, “Twilight People” and “White Mama,” which were intended to attract only women audiences. However, the phrase has been used with a hyphen as “chick-flick.”

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Chick Flicks, Just Won’T, Get It by Michael Gale

You would probably have to put hot coals under my feet…
To drag my butt, into the sneak peek, of a chick flick.

i am a romantic, but spare me the gushing muck…
No such mush for me, not that mush, would I wish to see.

The above lines talk about the speaker’s romantic desires. He loves chick flicks so much that whenever he is in the cinema, it seems that he is stuck to the seats and that the person would have to put hot coals under his feet to move him. The next two lines shed light on his love for such movies. In other words, despite being a guy, he likes to watch chick flicks.

Example #2

A Chick Flick by Any Other Name by Rachel Abramowitz from The Los Angeles Times on May 5, 2002

When Warner Bros. market-tested its new summer dramedy “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” the researchers asked members of the focus group, “Would you describe this as a chick flick?” For the men who liked the film, a rollicking saga about a warring mother and daughter and the mother’s lifelong friends, the mere question was an affront to their manhood.

This excerpt from the Los Angeles Times is about a romantic drama and film genre ‘chick flick’. This article “A Chick Flick by Any Other Name” is written by Rachel Abramowitz. The passage highlights on the Warner Brothers’ film about a mother and daughter, which also involves other relationships. They check if men like such films which questions their power in society.

Example #3

Chick Flicks: Theories and Memories of the Feminist Film Movement by Ruby Rich

Although it is just a collection of essays, they reflect the cultural diversity, memory, and journalistic style of Ruby Rich who has penned them to reflect that chick flick culture of her time. In fact, most of her essays are her voice of pro-feminism that she continued raising in the film world when writing critiques of different chick flicks. Therefore, the phrase has been used in the title to show how feministic movies seduced female audiences.

Example #4

Chick Flick by Deryn Warren

Chick Flick by Deryn Warren is a beautiful novel about Sara, who is not only a film director but also a mother of four. In fact, her penchant for movies is to escape from the boring home routine to rub her husband’s cheek. The interesting thing about this novel is that each chapter has been named after a popular chick flick of the 40s and 50s to make it a good read. Therefore, the title of the novel implies the same thing; its literal meanings about movies that are eye-catching for women.

Example in Sentences

Example #1: “She loves chick flick as if her life without these chick flick is nothing.”

Example #2: “If my brother gets another movie with a love story, I am going to break the screen in half. I hate chick flicks. They are girl-thing. I don’t know why my brother likes to watch such films.”

Example #3: “He has been going to the cinema in this city for a long to watch a chick flick. However, lately, his wife has been following him. When he tried to disappear in the maze of streets, he often found her chasing him. Despite his best efforts to dodge her, he has never disappeared from her sight. She is here and there and almost everywhere.”

Example #4: “I have tried my best to collect a good number of chick flicks for my wife. However, whenever I have brought them home, I am always in consternation what to show her and whatnot. She often rejects even the best ones and sometimes even the worst ones.”

Example #5: “She thinks that her life is like a chick flick. She always sees a guy and dreams as if he could be her Prince Charming. She needs to get back to reality.”