Chit Chat

Meanings of “Chit Chat”

The phrase “chit chat” means small talk or gossip of a group. It also means to have a small or short conversation with a friend. The term is used worldwide, especially among students. The phrase is also used by corporate employees to avoid prolonging the conversation.

Origin of “Chit Chat” 

The phrase “chit chat” is stated to have originated in the 13th century. It is also a form of chat or chatter. The first recorded usage of this phrase appears in the Moral Essays of Samuel Palmer published in 1710. There, it goes thus: “‘Tis the custom of foolish people … in their chit chat to be always biting people’s reputation.” It is also stated that Sir Richard Steel has used it in The Tatler but with a hyphen as “chit-chat.” However, both have the same meanings. 

Examples in Literature

Example #1

A Small Chitchat by Johnsly Joseph

Ambling on the heap sullied soil,
A zephyr from the wild blue yonder
Appeared very slowly and very softly
And grabbed my back so very gently
And bit by bit my feet started to swing
As if a leaf saying farewell to its knot;
“Shivering and scared stiff to death,
For never again would I see the earth
And all of my materials,” I whispered.
Then a tone at a snail’s pace echoed,
“You’ll have new wealth on a safe spot,
Where there is no appearance of oil
That can blacken the core of your soul.”

The above example talks about the situation of the poet during a rambling in the afternoon. He seems to have come to this point that even the falling leaves are telling him that the earth is not the same again. It is changing very fast and he may now see it differently altogether. He then asks himself that, in fact, he would have a safe place for the new wealth which would not be dirtied with the soil. The phrase means small conversation, though, it is beautiful conservation about the earth and the natural beauty.

 Example #2

Little Chit Chat by Safiyyah Manjra

It has been four hours since we last spoke,
I have this inerasable smile on my face which has me woke.

His exams are commencing on Tuesday,
Mines are close to ending on that day.

I have missed him- what else can I say?

He brings joy with little arguments.

We argue about conspiracy theories,
Different physicist who exist.
Or existed today,
As it was Richard Feynman’s 100th birthday.

We also discuss quantum mechanics,
The difference between physics and engineering.

After these conversations of laughter and pleasure,
Only did I realize after,
That missing him is the dreaded ending.

The poem is a small conversation of classmates who discuss several important as well as trivial things. She believes that her boyfriend discusses things whenever they speak and remembers the last time when he spoke to her. Although they speak different things, the interesting point is that their chit chat has no end.

Example #3

Chit Chat by Beach Weather

Give me (…)
‘Cause I’m dying to (…) your lips
Always I’m on a racing
But ain’t no better chasing
‘Cause this (…) scare me to death

Can you feel it?
‘Cause I feel it now
Are you shaking?
Do you know that it’s ever…

I don’t wanna be the way you want it,
So come on, get you fix it
Now, now, now
You drive me crazy without…

Chit chat, do you want that?
Wanna take me home tonight?
Oh, it’s chit chat, so let me back
And breaking just to (…)

The song is pointing out the intense desire of the singer, to speak to his beloved. He loves her and he feels so intense that he is shaking at times and recalls the time when he is going to have a chit chat with her. Here the phrase chit chat is also used as a metaphor for intimacy.

Example #4

Chit Chat by Maria Davis

“Chit chat!” Jack said quietly.
“We love to chit chat!” Janet replied lightly!
What is under daddy hat?” Janet asked.
“Why do you whisper?” Janet said. “Not too loudly,” Jack said.

This stanza not only presents a small chit chat but also talks about chit chat when Jack says that they love to have a chit chat to which Janet replies in affirmative. The next thing is the start of this chit chat. It also appears that here the chit chat is gossip as they prefer to keep their voices down.

Example in Sentences

Example #1: “Enough with the chit chat, screamed the café owner. He didn’t like waiters talking to customers too much.”

Example #2: “The two birds are sitting together as if they are involved in some conversation like a personal chit chat.”

Example #3: “Once they have left the city, they traveled a long way in the desert on barren land. It was zig zag road going in some distant hilly regions. They sat down for a while and have a long chit chat before leaving for their destination.”

Example #4: “I saw him coming to me. When he came near, I just sat down by his side and looked at his face. It was the same; expressionless and cold. I did not dare to have a chit chat with him.”

Example #5: “After a long day, Jesse and Fiona loved to have a chit chat and talk about what they did the entire day.”