Designer Stubble

Meanings of “Designer Stubble”

The phrase “designer stubble” means a short beard that gives an unkempt appearance. It also exudes rugged masculinity.

Origin of “Designer Stubble”

The word stubble has been used since the 13th century to describe short cut stumps in the grain stalks that are left on the ground once harvesting is done. It was from the 17th century that the term ‘stubble-beard” started being referred to as men’s short beard growth. The phrase “designer stubble” seems to have appeared from George Michael’s appearance as he used to adorn stubble beard. However, its print citation appeared in Familiar Friends written by Rhoda Whittlesey, which was published in the month of July 1985. The phrase goes as “De Ijsbreker Musiekcentrum is a vibrant, cutting-edge venue favored by intellectuals and the designer-stubble set.” with reference to De Ijsbreker Musiekcentrum.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Tomorrow’s World by Davie Henderson

Paula looked from me back to Doug MacDougall, and I looked at Paula. I hoped to see some sadness on her face, but all I saw was disapproval of Doug’s long hair and beard. Incidentally, Paula also disapproved my shaved head and designer stubble goatee. All numbers do. That’s one of the reasons I shaved my head and design my stubble.
“What happened?” I asked.

In this passage, Paula thinks that there should be sadness on the face of MacDougall but he is all the way happy with his long hair and professional look. She uses this phrase about his beard, saying it is a designer stubble, implying literal meanings. The phrase is used in its literal sense.

Example #2

The Priest’s Woman by John Stephen Ayliffe

Sorry, petal, designer stubble, it’s all the rage with us Hollywood tarts.’ He lets her go, pulls back and does not quite manage to disguise a look of concern. He gazes up and down her with watery eyes. ‘He knows something I don’t,’ thinks Rosanna. But she will leave it for the moment and returns his embrace warmly. ‘I’m so pleased to see you, David. I cannot tell you how much!’ She plants a light kiss on his cheek, avoiding the rough. He stares at her, oh no it is ‘that’ look.

This passage states that Rosanna is in deep ruminations about David, thinking that he does not care about her, though, he displays nice appearances including a designer stubble. The phrase has been used with its exact meaning.

Example #3

The Accidental Romeo by Carol Marinelli

He had surely invented designer stubble and there had often been sniggers in the staff canteen when a nurse had appeared with Harry rash! He had worked hard, partied harder and completely lived up to his decadent reputation – though every one had loved Harry, from porter to consultant, domestic to senior nursing staff, patient to relative, he somehow had charmed them all.

The passage occurs in a novel where the description of Harry in this passage is not imaginary. The author has painted a good young man, Harry, into a nice gentleman who has done the staff working around him. The phrase has been used for his appearance as a denotation, demonstrating its literal meanings.

Example #4

Knock Knock, Who’s There? by B. Goulden

“Hot Jalapeno are good, but let’s face it, they’re never going to be mainstream,” explained Roger. If only the girls from school could see him. He was wearing shades and designer stubble. He probably had a six-pack lie the men in the Pepsi-Cola Adverts. Not that Mum would ever say.

The story revolves around the character of Roger, who while explaining something about Jalapeno, uses different words about his appearance. The description of his personality shows the use of this phrase in its literal sense, which means it has been used with similar meaning.

Example in Sentences

Example #1: “When Justin asked his friend why he was growing designer stubble like that of grass, he just chuckled at the idea.”

Example #2: “John Dampier has grown a long designer stubble to look like a dashing young man. No one told him that he looked like a clown”

Example #3: “Carlie saw that he was the only one who was clean-shaven in a room full of men with designer stubble.”

Example #4: “While taking care of his grazing sheep, Cary came across a clean rivulet in which he saw his image; clean and whitish designer stubble, long nose, and sparkling eyes. He could not believe himself.”

Example #5: “Having gone to the city, he has learned his own grooming after having got his designer stubble as was the vogue during those days.”