Any Port in a Storm

Meaning of “Any Port in a Storm”

The phrase “any port in a storm” or “any port in the storm” explains that when you are facing some difficulty, you need to accept any solution without waiting for a perfect solution. In other words, it means any solution will work. The phrase is an advice for the ship’s captain. The captain doesn’t have to wait for a perfect shore or port during the storm, and it can anchor at any nearby port. The same principle also implies to any situation when there are limited solutions.

Origin of “Any Port in a Storm”

It is stated that this phrase been used in print in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure written by John Cleland and printed in 1749 in which it goes as “Pooh!”, says he “my dear, any port in a storm.” Since then it has been in common use in the English language without any change in wording.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

My Soul Cries Out… My Heart Speaks by Joe Fazio

Could I ever leave you? Never. For
you are the air the fills me with the
breath of life and the energy that fuels
each day.

You are my laughter, my joy,
my reason for being. You are my hope,
my warmth, on a cold winters night, and
the flowers that bloom in my heart.

You are my friend, my love…my life.
You are the liquid of life under a deserts
sun; my port in a storm and without you
there is but a barren wasteland of
nothingness, where laughter has died
and darkness and bitter howling winds are forever.

Could I ever leave you. Not for all
eternity and one day thereafter, if
there be such a time.

This beautiful poem is written in the memory of the poet’s beloved, who was everything to him. He calls her his reason for living, his laughter and sorrow, and his friend and foe. He compares her with a port. He uses this phrase “my port in a storm” to show that whenever she is around, the poet is full of energy and finds refuge in her during difficulties. This phrase is in the third stanza or the middle of the poem to show that she has become a source of courage for the poet.

Example #2

What Makes the Irish Heart Beat by Van Morrison

Just like a sailor out on the foam
Any port in a storm
Where we tend to burn the candle at both ends
Down the corridors of fame
Like the spark ignites the flame
That’s what makes the Irish heart beat

But I roll the dice again
If lady luck will call my name
That s what makes the Irish heart beat
Oh, that’s what makes the Irish heart beat
That’s what makes the Irish heart beat

The above lyrics discuss the importance of ports in Ireland. He says that the heart of an Irish person is similar to a sailor who finds refuge at any port when facing a storm, for it is his daily job. He then gives his example that he will also try his luck, which is what an Irishman likes. In fact, the use of this phrase in the second line of the first stanza has made this a unique Irish lyric.

Example #3

Any Port in a Storm by Emmie Mears

The novel presents the story of a hybrid demon, Ayala and Carrick, to join hands to be in the army. They soon discover that the purpose of being dispatched to any expedition does not necessarily mean ethical such as Gregor’s orders. According to them, the shades hunting job is suitable for them. However, they see something else as intrigues mount up during the fight. Ayala does not see anything tangible happening. When facing adversity, she considers being on the safer side, which shows the use of this phrase in the title of this novel.

Example #4

Mother and Daddy from Letters to Horrie By Mitzi Broome McKinney

“When Mother and Daddy moved to the ranch to being his new job it was after dark when they got there, plus it was cold and raining. A real dark and stormy night.) When they arrived, it was to find the lobby area of the old hotel full of people who had spotted from the highway what they HOPED was a hotel and turned in to take shelter from the storm. On finding it wasn’t what they thought it was they stayed anyway. This was in the early 1920’s and cars were not exactly waterproofed in those days, so any port in a storm was welcomed and they prepared to spend the night on couches and chairs that were in the old lobby. That was when Mother and Daddy arrived!!!”

Famous writer Mitzi Broom McKinney writes about his father and mother in his essay. The phrase in this paragraph has been used at the end. He was narrating the tale when his father got a new job and when cars were not waterproof. Therefore “any port in a storm” was a better place to pass the hours of rain. Hence, this phrase has been used in a literal sense of safety.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “Finding a safe home is like finding any port in a storm. You cannot wait for a perfect person to invite you home.”

Example #2: “I don’t want to take Marie’s help, but I need the laptop desperately. So, its any port in a storm situation for me.”

Example #3: “Gary and his friends are looking for any port in a storm at this moment. They have made a mistake and made the teacher angry. So, they need to avoid detention at any cost.”

Example #4: “It is better to have any job instead of being unemployed. I can’t find the job I am looking for. Just like any port in a storm, you have to accept the solution that will give me a steady income.”

Example #5: “Indy knew that Phil was cunning, but he chose to travel with him because he knew the tribal leader. Sometimes you have to choose someone like any port in the storm to accomplish your work.”