Club Sandwich

Meanings of “Club Sandwich”‎

The phrase “club sandwich” means a sandwich that is filled with ham, bacon, or mayonnaise which is then cut into halves or quarters as per the taste of the person.

Origin of “Club Sandwich”‎

The phrase “club sandwich” is stated to have originated in New York. The first version is stated to have been mentioned in an article of the paper, The Evening World, in its publication of 1889 in November where it goes thus: “Have you tried a Union Club sandwich yet? Two toasted pieces of Graham bread, with a layer of turkey or chicken.” Since then, it has been used in the same meanings and spellings.

Examples in Literature

Example #1‎

Not a Penny Sonnets by Gig Ryan

Remember the “club sandwich?’”
The book launch with plates of water biscuits –
there’s always the ‘club sandwich’ you said. We keep
splicing letters into words, our defense-
verbal tatoos, reading aloud, using our wits
to string along an empty audience,
noting the girl driving by in her low-slung Torana

These lines are like the inscription of an interrogative sentence or rhetoric device. It shows the use of a sandwich saying that every book launch ceremony starts with a club sandwich followed with finely crafted words made up of different letters. According to the poet, it shows the wits of the speakers aimed at the audience. The phrase “club sandwich” has been used twice; first in the epigraph and then in the second line, it is in a literal sense.

Example #2‎

Penthouse Princess by Ronald Lee Web

Rose wants me to pick up a club sandwich for lunch,
And will watch us from her penthouse perch.
I want to stop and smell the roses so much,
but Princess moves as fast as a car from Daytona Beach.

The poet plays with the words as Rose asks him to pick up a club sandwich for lunch but then watches the poet from her penthouse perch, while he wants to smell a rose there. This pun on the rose shows the dexterity of the poet in using words.

Example #3‎

Club Sandwich by Lisa Samson

The story revolves around a wife, Ivy, who has not only to tend her own siblings but also has to take care of her aging parents and brothers and sisters who depend more on her than upon themselves. Ivy Schneider, though, has a very pacifist husband, Rusty, who spends most of his time out of home working in the road construction industry, has sensed this trick of her brothers and sisters. As Ivy has been shown a generation who is sandwiched between demands of the family and requirements of caring for the old parents, the title shows her predicament through the metaphorical use of this phrase.

Example #4‎

From Perfect Together By Lisa Plumley

She approached her next table in the busy restaurant, efficiently handing out menus.

“Hello, I’m Carly and I’ll be your waitress today. Our specials are the Reuben plate with onion rings or the club sandwich, and the soup of the day is – “ she took her order pad and glanced up. “You! I can’t believe you have the nerve to show up here.”

Sondra and Brian grinned back at her. Beside Brian, Meredith sat with her nose in a book. It was thick and oversized, like a glossy coffee table collectible. Knowing her twin sister, though, Marley figured the volume was more likely one of these dreary old historical texts.

“I’ll have the club sandwich,” Brian said.

The above passage talks about a waitress, Carly is serving in a hotel. She introduces herself to her customers. Brian, Sondra, and Meredith are sitting in the hotel. During Carly’s introduction, she is counting the items on the menu, using the phrase club sandwich that Brian wants to have. The phrase is used in a literal sense.

Example in Sentences

Example #1‎: “We are not going to have a club sandwich; they have been prepared only for you. I’d love to have something Mexican,” Lizzie asked her friend.”

Example #2‎: “He is showing off as if he has had club sandwiches in the meeting, but they were not club sandwiches; they were just like those, but not actually club sandwiches.”

Example #3‎: “After losing his way, John sat down in a hut on the roadside and ordered a club sandwich. That and coffee were the only thing available near the gas station.”

Example #4‎: “If you are hungry you can always have a club sandwich. It’s the best companion on treks and long journeys.”

Example #5‎: “Looking at Matt’s lunch, Joanie cried ‘is that a club sandwich’. You can have my corn cobs and give me your sandwich? – she said.”