Tomorrow is Another Day

Meanings of “Tomorrow is Another Day”

The phrase “tomorrow is another day” means the future comes with new opportunities and chances. It also refers to hope that governs our life; it brings a fresh start for one’s endeavors.

Origin of “Tomorrow is Another Day”

The phrase “tomorrow is another day” is said to have its initial use in a journal, Harper’s Weekly, published in 1857, where it is stated as; “…never losing sight of that, to him, great and glorious fact, that “tomorrow is another day.”

Later, Margaret Mitchell used in her war novel, Gone with the Wind, published in 1936, where it is stated as; “Scarlett O’Hara: “Tara. Home. I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.” Since then, it has been used by various authors in almost the same sense but in different words and forms.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Tomorrow Is Another Day by Shelby Flint

Come along
Will there be sunshine shinin’
Will we find a silver linin’?
Come along, sing a song
When today becomes tomorrow
Will we find joy or sorrow?
Sing a song

Is it wrong
To put all our hopes together
And wish for something better?
Is it wrong to be loved?
To face the future with another
Who means more than any other
Is to be loved.

We’ll paint the gray clouds
With pretty rainbow hues
And we’ll brush the gloom away
And save it for a rainy day
Rainy day, oh today

These stanzas speak about the hopes and chances the speaker sees in the future. To her, one should welcome tomorrow wholeheartedly. The second stanza presents us with some rhetorical questions; the speaker poses questions regarding love and a bright future. The third stanza further highlights her joys and hopes for the upcoming days. She is determined to welcome tomorrow with happiness as she intends to paint the gloomy side of her life with exciting rainbow colors. The phrase has been used in the sense of keeping life bright and hopeful.

Example #2

Tomorrow Is Another Day by Gustave Kahn

The day is through,
The sun descending
Has brought to you
No happy ending,
But you can face the setting sun and say,
” Tomorrow is another day. ”
You’ve had your share
Of tears and trouble,
But ev’ry care
Will be a bubble,
If you can face the setting sun and say,
” Tomorrow is another day.

This stanza captures the alluring scene of the setting sun, believing that the new sun rising will bring a different tomorrow. Despite having troubles, the speaker is hopeful about the future. To him, we should confront the challenges of life courageously because every day is not the same. If today we are sad or tragic, tomorrow we may have the wonders of life to enjoy. Therefore, we should remain hopeful about the time that approaches us with every rising sun. Thus, the phrase is shown used as a metaphor for hope or courage.

Example #3

Tomorrow is another day by Jeffrey Aaron Morris

Tomorrow is another day
I’ll be happy in some odd way
There’s so many things I want to say
But yesterday was yesterday
And tomorrow is another day.

Maybe I can get a fresh new start
From everything that fell apart
I keep on thinking that I’m smart
Though I can’t help, but fall apart
I guess I’m really not that smart.

The poem reflects on the literal meanings of the phrase. The first stanza speaks about the joy of the speaker, who is hopeful about a better tomorrow. Although he seems to complain about the present moment, yet a new hope and arrival of a fresh day will surely help him overcome the present pain and makes him ready for a new start. However, the second stanza reflects his resolute stance toward life. First, he states how his smartness failed to win a better past for him. Now, he is determined to bring positive changes in life. Thus, the phrase has been used as a metaphor for positivity or the bright side of life.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “Everything went wrong in the previous meeting, I failed to convey my thoughts. However, tomorrow is another day.”

Example #2: “Jim got frustrated with his messy life. He found no sense dwelling on it, yet he passes every day believing tomorrow’s another day.”

Example #3: “Last year, a game competition was held in Matthew’s school. His friends tried hard to catch the glory but failed, yet they decided to overcome the shortcomings, believing tomorrow is another day.”

Example #4: “Lily’s son got upset about losing the game, she consoled him by saying tomorrow is another day, sweetie!”

Example #5: “Like many other participants, Rita’s sister’s project was turned down. She did not lose hope, “No worries, tomorrow is another day,” she said.”