Tie the Knot

Meanings of “Tie the Knot”

The phrase “Tie the Knot” means to get married. In Jewish and a few Asian traditions, the wedding ceremonies include tying knots.

Origin of “Tie the Knot”

The phrase “tie the knot” is said to have originated from, The Legend of St. Katherine, circa, in 1225, where it is stated as; “Swa ye cnotte is icnut bituhhen unc tweien.”

Later, it was used in Matthew Prior’s poem, Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind, published in 1717, where it was stated as “So to the priest their case they tell: He ties the knot.” Since then, it has been used by various authors in almost the same sense but in different words and forms.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

The Reconcilement by John Sheffield

“Come, let us now resolve at last
To live and love in quiet;
We’ll tie the knot so very fast
That time shall never untie it.

The truest joys they seldom prove
Who free from quarrels live:
‘Tis the tenderest part of love
Each other to forgive.

When least I seemed concerned, I took
No pleasure, nor rest;
And when I feign’d an angry look,
Alas! I love you best.”

This poem uses this phrase in its literal meanings. In the first stanza, the speaker urges his beloved to resolve all the conflicts and tie an unbreakable bond of love. The second stanza reflects the true nature of love, where the speaker says that quarrels and fights are the beauty of love; they give a chance to endure the sweet pains of love. However, the last stanza narrates the beauty of love. The phrase has been used in the sense of reconcilement or keeping a relationship fast and strong.

Example #2

Tie Me A Knot by Kent De los Reyes

“Tie me a knot
A knot stronger than the wind
Tie me a knot–
A weapon I will wield

I’ll carry it all day
Treasuring the knot you’ll make
Walking a mile distance
From the draw out line I gave

Heave it strong and brave
Carefully making connections
Between the rope you made
And the rope I kept

Heave– tie our ropes
The rope you used to save life
And the rope I used to end mine.”

This poem uses this phrase as a metaphor for life. In the first stanza, the speaker asks his beloved to tie a knot stronger than the wind. In the second stanza, he compares that rope with a weapon that will protect him for the whole day. The next two stanzas demonstrate the importance of that rope,  which acts as a strong connection between the speaker and his beloved. Therefore, the explanation of the phrase is an extended metaphor.

Example #3

 Tie the Knot by Jesse McCartney

“I’m ready, you’re ready, we’re ready, been ready
Come on girl, let’s tie the knot
I’ll never lie, never cheat, to carry you between the sheets
Come on girl, let’s tie the knot
And after we say “I do!” we’ll go wherever we want to
Drive away, “Just married” on the car, yeah!
Get on my knees cause I believe
That you’re the one that’s right for me
Come on girl, let’s tie the knot.”

This beautiful stanza speaks about the unconditional love of the speaker and his beloved. The speaker proposes to his girl with many promises. He promises to give her all the pleasures of life, believing that she is the right girl for him. The phrase shows its meanings clearly when used as the title of the song. However, the anaphoric use of “ready” in the first line emphasizes the relationship’s meaning in the poem.

Example #4

Tying The Knot: A Premarital Guide to a Strong and Lasting Marriage by Robert Eric Green

This book offers soon-to-be-married couples a positive picture of marriage that is actionable, realistic, and hopeful. The book contains nine sessions dealing with issues like communication, intimacy, and conflict. It explains how couples can resolve their problems by keeping Christ at the center of their relationship. This indicates that the phrase has been used in the same meanings as given above.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “After five years of dating each other, Jim and Laila have finally decided to tie the knot this year.”

Example #2: “Last year, I was enjoying my tea with my parents when my aunt suddenly appeared with exciting news. “Jimmy and Linda are about to tie the knot. The wedding is on Sunday!” she said”.

Example #3: “Last Sunday, my friend secretly tied the knot and flew off to her honeymoon without informing anyone.”

Example #4: “Lenny was the one who suggested her two best friends tie the knot and when they finally did it, she asked them to reconsider their decision.”

Example #5: “I am a little hesitant to tie a knot with my boyfriend because I don’t think I’m prepared for the responsibilities that come with marriage.”