As Easy as Pie

Meaning of “As Easy as Pie”

The phrase “as easy as pie” is a colloquial idiom mostly in America. It is mostly used to describe a work or a task which is easy and effortless to perform. The phrase shares meaning with “a piece of cake.” In simple term, the phrase means ‘very easy’.

Origin of “As Easy as Pie”

This phrase “as easy as pie” is originated from the word “pie,” which was used in the meanings of doing something quickly during the nineteenth century. It was used in a book Which: Right or Left? Published by Garrett and Company in 1855, where it was used as “as nice as pie” to point to the beauty of Miss Isabell, the person referred in it. Later, it was modified to “as easy as pie.” Since then it has been in constant use in the English language, specifically in American English.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Easy as Pie by Ronald Shields

No one eats the cherry pie.
It is beautiful
there on the counter
in its white
ceramic pie pan,
all crimson and purple
encased in a glistening
brown crust.

People used to stand in
line for a piece of the pie,
any flavor, any color,
even mock apple pie.

Then they stood in
line for cheese,
encased in white plastic
with the word
stenciled in black ink.

At first, the poet praises the cherry pie and wonders why people do not eat it. Then he explains various reasons people stand in line. In other words, the poet wants to explain that people don’t appreciate things that come as easy as pie. Instead, they choose things with fancy covers and don’t care about what is inside or they fall for cheap things that are sold as expensive items.

Example #2

Easy as Pie written by Rory Bourke and colleagues and sung by Billy “Crash” Craddock

Uh huh uh huh she meant nothing to me just another one night stand
She was easy as pie and I had her eating out of my hand
Had her eating out of my hand
She was easy to touch smiling as I came on strong)

These four lines from the song present the story of the speaker and his beloved. The speaker is stating that his beloved has been very easy with him. However, the use of the phrase here means that she has been patient or kind though he was harsh toward her. The phrase has been used in the sense of human relations.

Example #3

Easy as Pie by Benjamin Darling

This culinary masterpiece by Benjamin Darling explains the ways of making the best pies. It has listed recipes from fruit pies to nut and chocolate pies including those filled with ice cream and fresh cream. The book has given details of the piecrust recipes and further tips to prune the existing methods. The author also has stated that wherever possible, he has stayed faithful to the original recipe but added things where it seems that they would make the earlier recipes delectable. In fact, it shows the demonstration of its title throughout the book, explaining the meanings of the phrase “as easy as pie” in practice.

Example #4

Our Heroine from The Nun and Other Stories by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

“The aforementioned young woman looked like the symbol or representation, alive and dress in skirts, of common sense, such was the balance between her beauty and her naturalness, between her elegance and her simplicity, between her gracefulness and her modesty. It was as easy as pie for her to escape notice out on the street not arouse the interest of the professional Don Juans, but impossible for anyone not to admire her and be captivated by her many charms after taking heed of her. She was not, or rather, did not want to be, one of those fulminating, ostentatious, showy beauties who attract all the looks as soon as they appear at a salon, theatre, or promenade, and who compromise or completely overshadow the poor devils that escort them, be they fiances, husbands, fathers, or fabulous potentates.”

The writer has presented the character of the heroine, describing her qualities and features of her beauty to state that she finds it easy to escape through streets. This task for her is “as easy as pie.” However, it is her exceptional beauty that attracts everyone. The use of this phrase has clear meanings that she finds it easy to go through the streets without arousing any suspicion of the would-be lovers.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1: “For Nora is very strong and lifting a couch while vacuuming the house was as easy as pie for her.”

Example #2: “Carrying furniture on the stairs might be as easy as pie for you, but I can barely walk the stair with my bag.”

Example #3: “After the teacher broke down the steps with the formulae, algebra has become as easy as pie.”

Example #4: “The actors make everything look as easy as pie. In real life, a guy can never jump off a moving airplane.”

Example #5: “Life is not as easy as pie. We have to work hard to reach our goals.”