Such is Life

Meanings of “Such is Life”

The phrase “such is life” means the acceptance of uncertain events. It also refers to an event that happens unexpectedly. It is always better to accept reality or any accidental misfortune as life is always unpredictable and the results are not always in our hands.

Origin of “Such is Life”

The phrase “Such is Life” is stated to have originated from a book A Grammar of the Italian Language, written by Joseph Baretti. It was published in 1762, where it has been used as; “Cosi va’l mondo!” which in English means that life is always like that. In its true sense, it is “Such is life.”  Since then, it has been used in almost the same sense and the same words.

Examples from Literature

Example #1

Such is Life by Dave Pearce

“Such is Life
Beautiful life
I see it
I’m making changes now
Open up the door
And I will be here
I am here
Seems like I, been waiting
Held in tight
I’m aching
I’m seeing clearly now
Wipe away the tears
And I will be free.”

This stanza explains the changing nature of life and the speaker’s reaction toward it. The speaker adores the beautiful life that allows him to mend his ways. He says that he is making changes in life that clearly indicates that he must have gone through a tough time. Now, his life is floating on a smooth surface; he is free from the clutches of miseries. Therefore, the singer says that “such is life” by which he means that life is a blend of happiness and sorrows and that it does not matter to him anymore.

Example #2

Such Is Life by Phil Soar

“I’ve thought of life so very long
Of good and bad, of right and wrong
Of thoughts and deeds, doubts and fears
And all those getting older years

Those years, as we learn to live
Of how to take and how to give
Of how to hate and still stay sane
Of how to fall in love again.”

These stanzas shed light on the nature of this phrase in its real sense. The speaker comments on the lessons that life teaches us. Initially, we fear right and wrong, good and bad, and we also doubt so many things but all our fears and doubts teach us lifelong lessons. We learn to live through thick and thin. Also, it teaches us great forbearance and forgiveness; we learn to let things happen that we cannot control. Therefore, it is clear that life constantly teaches us how to shape our thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Therefore, the phrase has been used in its literal as well as pragmatic sense.

Example #3

Such Is Life by William Wallace

Our hearts no longer beat as one.
Our love has decided to go on the run.
It took a while for our love to sour.
No more it blooms like a red rose flower.
You have left and I have gone.
To souls apart no more as one
Such is life these things occur.
Lifes not always happy and fair.
Our hearts no longer beat together.
No longer are we like birds of a feather.

The poem touches upon the literal meanings of the phrase, such is life. The disappointed speaker accounts for the tragic end of his love. The two lovers do not share the same path now; their hearts do not beat for each other. Although it took years to nurture the love, yet it got sour in just a while, leaving the biting memories behind. While talking about the sad demise of his love, the speaker reflects upon the denotative use of the phrase that life confronts us with uncertain situations.

Example #4

Coyote by Allen Steele

“We make stupid mistakes when we’re young; we do our best to make amends for them as we get older. We survive by learning; by learning we survive. Such is life. So be it.”

Allen Steele has explained the wonder of forever changing life. He actually tries to comment on the nature of human beings. Being young, we are attracted to various temptations and in doing so, we commit mistakes. However, with time, self-realization urges us to amend the mistakes. Thus, we keep on learning and such is life.

Example #5

Such Is Life by Joseph Furphy

“…in all probability they’re gone to heaven. Such is life, boys.”
“Drastic, but such is life.”
“But such is life, and such is death.”
“Ignorance again; but such is life.”

This excerpt is about the Wales and Victorian region of late 1800. Yet it is a fictional diary that beautifully accounts for the gossips, stories, and deaths of many people the narrator meets as he travels. The narrator concludes that everyone has to depart this world and such is life. We’ve had our share of problems, but such is life.

Example in Sentences

Example #1 “I wish the colors of spring would last all year, but the cycle of nature changes its ways; such is life.”

Example #2 “Despite working hard, my sister bonus was given to someone else. Oh well, such is life.”

Example #3 “Like various other victims, she also lost her house in a tragic earthquake. However, she is happy that her family survived; such is life.”

Example #4 “Despite knowing about the illness of his mother, the officer never allowed him to leave the place. Unwillingly, he continued his job; such is life.”

Example #5 “Roger realized that such is life when he started accepting the brutalities of life, life throws more challenges on his way.”