Stinking Rich

Meanings of “Stinking rich”

The phrase “stinking rich” refers to a person who is extremely rich but this richness and wealth have an offensive quality in it. The phrase is also used for someone who takes advantage of their wealth and doesn’t value money.

Origin of “Stinking rich”

The phrase “stinking rich” is stated to have originated in the 19th century. Later, its prosaic use can be found in the 20th century. However, the earlier use of this phrase in print form is said to have been found in the Montana newspaper, The Independent, where it is given as “From New England – stinking rich.” Since then, it has been used in almost the same words and the same sense.

Examples from Literature

Example #1

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

“I move as fast as I dare. The glasses are quite remarkable, but I still sorely miss having the use of my left ear. I don’t know what the explosion did, but it damaged something deep and irreparable. Never mind. If I get home, I’ll be so stinking rich, I’ll be able to pay someone to do my hearing.”

The novel, The Hunger Games, speaks about an actual event in which two characters selected through a lottery compete in a televised battle royal to the death. The game demands a lot of bloodsheds and fighting over supplies and weapons. However, later in the novel, a rule change is announced and the situation becomes less tricky. Avoiding the game makers, Katniss, one of the main characters tries to escape the scene by running fast. Although he avoids the opponents, yet he feels that he has damaged his left year but doesn’t feel sorry for the loss. Rather, he says that once the game is over, he will be stinking rich and would recover his loss.

Example #2

Adventures of Vickie Series: Book 1: Vickie: Doctor by day. Zombie hunter By Eileen Sheehan

“I’m convinced that Africa is where vampirism originated. I need to get to the heart of the disease and stop it. Besides, I left some people back there to run my non-profit who are at risk of being infected; if they are not already.” He stroked mu cheek with the back of his hand. “Come with me my love, we’ll do our research there together.” What happens when we get back in year? Two years? Five years? I’d be abandoning my practice and my responsibilities. I still have outstanding loans, I whined.”He sat back and heaved a sigh. “Why can’t I be like the vampires in the romance novels? They are all stinking rich.” Then I’d pay those damned loans and you wouldn’t have to worry about working unless you wanted to.”

This excerpt shows the untiring efforts of the protagonists who try to stop vampirism in Africa. While reflecting upon the situation one of the characters compares the real world with the fictional one. In reality, people who strive hard to nip the evils in the bud usually fail to live a luxurious life. However, in fiction, the situation is quite contrary; people are shown extremely rich with an ideal status of life. It shows the phrase used as a metaphor for wealth.

Example #3

Perfect Hatred by Leighton Gage

“No and I wasn’t surprised. I’d heard all about Orestes Saldana long before he appeared in my office. He and Plinio were polar opposites. Orestes is a man of no compassion, a man who, forgive the vulgarity, doesn’t give a shit about other human beings. He doesn’t like or respect, anyone who isn’t as striking rich as he is. There wasn’t a chance in hell I could make him understand, so I didn’t even try. I just sat here, staring at him, until he ran out of stream.”

This excerpt depicts a perfect thriller of terror, corruption, and crime in Brazil. It accounts for the indifferent approach of extremely rich persons versus others toward the investigating officials. Though the phrase is not used exactly in the fourth sentence, yet the meanings are almost the same. It refers to a person who is intoxicated with wealth.

Example #4

MoStack by ILL BLU

“I went from a chump to a champ, yes I flipped this script
You’d get blind if I flicked this wrist
I came in the tinted shivs
She said, “What’s your perfume?”
I said, “I’m stinkin’, stinkin’ rich”
I went from a chump to a champ, yes I flipped this script
You’d get blind if I flicked this wrist
I came in the tinted shivs
She said, “What’s your perfume?”
I said, “I’m stinkin’, stinkin’ rich.”

The singer presents the literal meanings of the phrase. The stanza narrates the lavish lifestyle of the person who loves to use expensive ornaments and perfumes, declaring that he is a stinking rich person. The phrase has been used in the last lines twice, showing the exact meanings of the phrase.

Examples in Sentences

Example #1:My friend’s family is stinking rich; therefore, they can bear the expenses of extravagant vacations twice a year.”

Example #2: “I believe that the oil business is going to make them stinking rich like their forefathers.”

Example #3: “I advised him several times. Then I turned to his son. Why don’t you give the idea of becoming stinking rich and support the company for a noble cause.”

Example #4: “When he became filthy rich, her filthy wealth never allowed him to feel the pains of the lower strata of society.”

Example #5: “Kate, a stinking rich businessman, has been using his stinking money in drug dealing. The police were after him as he has been engaged in this nasty business for five years. Many pieces of evidence spoke against him yet the authorities fail to jail him.”