Be Enthralled

Meaning of “Be Enthralled”

The phrase “be enthralled” or to be enthralled means to become captivated of something on account of concentrating on it. It also means to be bewitched by something.

Origin of “Be Enthralled”

The phrase “be enthralled” seems to have originated from The Lindisfarne Gospels as back as in 950 A.D in which it has been used as “enthrall” while Shakespeare has used it in A Midsummer Night’s Dream as; “So is mine eye enthralled to thy shape.” It was published in 1600, and since then, the phrase has been used in the same way.

Examples in Literature

Example #1

Enthralled by Alfred Bryan

Teach me to sin–
In love’s forbidden ways,
For you can make all passion pure;
The magic lure of your sweet eyes
Each shape of sin makes virtue praise.

Teach me to sin–
Enslave me to your wanton charms,
Crush me in your velvet arms
And make me, make me love you.
Make me fire your blood with new desire,
And make me kiss you–lip and limb,
Till sense reel and pulses swim.
Aye! even if you hate me,
Teach me to sin.

The poem uses partial phrase instead of the original phrase ‘be enthralled’ Both the stanzas show the attraction the poet expresses on seeing his beloved. Where the first stanza shows the magical powers of her eyes and his desires for sensual pleasures, the second stanza shows the attraction of her charms and his desire for love. Both stanzas highlight the meanings of this phrase used as the title of the poem.

Example #2

Enthralled by Extol

I’m enthralled by this force
Priceless peace altering my mind
Essence of higher life
Infiltrates my spiritual being

Perfect state of mind

Grace divine comes to me
Silent God moves within my heart
Giving me certainty
Now I am a fragrance of life

The song expresses the spiritual thoughts of the speaker, of which he is enthralled. The phrase has been used in the very first line with the first form of the present verb. The enthrallment of spiritual experience has been expressed in the title as well. These lines show the use of this phrase in its literal sense.

Example #3

On Visiting the Titanic Exhibition in Vegas with My Teenager Daughters by Anna M. Evans

Trust me, I say, you’re going to be enthralled.
Curious, they wander toward the model ship.
They are the undisputed Queens of the world.

The bills of lading, the lists of the people killed,
Aren’t that exciting to them. I bit my lip.
Trust, I’d said, you’re going to be enthralled.

These lines are ironic remarks about the exhibition that the poet visits with her teenager daughters. She is clear that the Titanic has been among the Queens of the world. It is also good that it has been touted as unsinkable, and yet many people got killed when it sank to the floor of the ocean. Therefore, there is nothing to be enthralled at, and yet the people are thronging to watch its models with the promise “you’re going to be enthralled.” The use of this phrase shows its true meanings in an ironic sense.

Example #4

Poetry: The Ultimate Guide by Richard Bradford

“Depending on one’s cultural and indeed temperamental predisposition, it is possible to be enthralled by both these poems, even perceive them as aesthetic and political refusals to conform. Our incurious and complacent expectations are threatened and we are reminded that art can be thrillingly initiative. Both seem to involve Andrew Crozier’s stylistic signature.”

These lines show the use of this phrase “be enthralled.” It shows the power of poetry can excite people. It can also help people perceive or understand the rules of poetry. Sometimes a person enjoys a poem, depending on his temperament. This phrase has been used in a literal sense.

Example in Sentences

Example #1: “If you present yourself in the wild, be ready to be enthralled by the natural beauty you will come across.”

Example #2: “Ingrid told her brother that he will be enthralled in such a magical place. The Bahamas had a few lovely beaches. However, now it seems that enthralled has been a little word.”

Example #3: “You will be enthralled by the music when you listen to Coldplay songs.”

Example #4: “Little Logan was about to throw his ball in the volleyball basket. He asked all his family to watch him and told them that they will be enthralled at his game.

Example #5: “He was showing himself as if he has been enthralled just like a child.”