How To Write An Effective Press Release

The fast-moving media environment, companies, and individuals are more strategic than ever before. As a result, the demand for multimedia platforms is continually expanding. A press release is a media statement or news release which is generally used as a tool to help and increase sales or fact-filled news reports.

The purpose of a press release is to grab the interest of the public and journalists. Usually, public relations officers are in charge of writing these articles. The wording should be clear and vivid, without any flowery language or phrases. Writing a striking and attractive press release takes expertise and practice – a skill that must be sharpened and honed. Exposure, trust, and motivation are some of the step stones that a press release offers. Here are a few samples that will help you write a perfect press release.

Sample 1


Help The Kid Foundation has announced a charity event to help the children in the Caspian Area.

New York- April 3, 2019, the 12th annual San Francisco, Beware of Child Abuse! Benefit organized by ‘Help The Kid Foundation’ is going to be held in the Caspian area. As in the past, the sole motive of the foundation is to raise awareness and money for grants that will support programs in the San Francisco Caspian area, focused on the prevention of child abuse.

The event features a grand charity networking opportunity for investors. It is also a path for the people of the Caspian area to join together with executives, coaches, scholars, and supporters to fight child abuse. The event also features a dine-out program. During the event, the money for the charity will be raised by the auction, lottery, and other donation-based activities.

“Over 12 years, the foundation is working for the welfare of children in the country. We targeted the various threats for our future generation”, said event co-chair Sasha Mig, CAO of TREND Advertising Company.

“I feel proud and honored to sponsor this campaign. This event not only creates the opportunity for volunteers but also enhances the clarity for the prevalence of the issue,” said the executive director of National Investment Company.

Last year’s event raised over $780,000 through collaboration and contribution from more than 200 companies and individuals. More than 400 hedge fund managers and investors are expected to attend the event.  A limited number of tickets and sponsorships are still waiting for you. For more details, please click HERE.


It is a well-known organization that is an international charity dedicated to raising funds for child abuse threats in the country. It started in 1998, awarded over 1006 grants totaling over $60 million. Funds are raised through charity programs in 11 cities in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, and Canada.

Help The Kid Foundation

Michael (communication In-charge): 333-333-3333


Sample 2

Press release:


For Immediate Release

Palm Inn opens new flagship store in Marlin Town:

Grand opening party March 17th, 5 pm – 9 pm

The Palm designers expert in making diamond jewelry has opened their new store in Marlin Town. After getting significant exposure in MORNING TIME magazine and many other national publications including celebrity advocacy, the Palm Inn’s new store will work as a home base for the wholesale operation as well as a showroom for locals and tourists alike. Wilhelm, the owner of Palm Inn, stated: “This location is best for us because the Marlin Town has many mines of rare diamonds along with the village’s treasure of natural beauty which will attract the tourists. So we can easily grab local and foreign market alike.” Wilhelm is inviting members of the press and the public to the grand opening party for their new store. It will be held at 23 Lime Street in Marlin Town, March 17th, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Inspired by the medieval designers and the unique motives of royal jewelers, Palm Inn had launched its range in 1999. After getting the success, they stepped in chaining up. Currently, 33 branches are working in the country. Their diamonds are artistically carved and crafted to create comfort and ease. The beautiful combination of diamonds with pearls and gold has made the jewelry more elegant and attractive. Its collection is admired widely all over the world.

For more details, please contact: ……………

Sample 3

Press release

The most respected pastor to release his new album “Pray to God”.

North Columbia, January 3rd, 2016: Visionary leader, motivational speaker, author, and famous writer Dr.Wonton.Sr will release his new album, Pray To God on January 10th, 2016.

PRAY TO GOD is his first solo album and focuses on the upper room sanctuary choir under the direction of L. Fenger. The melodious songs inflame true praise and worship and offer a perfect combination of COGIC style, daring, and strong vocals with groundbreaking production.

This album bluntly reveals the themes of inspiration, trust, expectation, and transformation in order to confirm that “God is in charge”. The opening track “Be Ready” excels the contagious energy that will soon choir singing along. The live recording presentation will provide the church experience guaranteed to give the audience a new dearest tune. The theme of ‘Nothing but Prayer’ goes throughout the project.

The opening track is a smooth combination of traditional and contemporary music with deep and compact praise for God. The Music director Sr.John said, “I have never heard such soothing and effective music in my whole life. It not only makes me thankful but also uplifts my emotions and thoughts.”  “No doubt after listening to the first track I compel myself towards GOD,” said the collaboration executive Sr. Davis.

PRAY TO GOD will be in stores and online available everywhere on January 10th, 2020.

This article is a press release.

To learn more about us, please contact

At ………

Sample 4

Press Release


Grand opening Of New Restaurant: Food authority manager will be the chief guest and have unbelievable dinner deals.

November 26th, 2011 Liver pool-Devine restaurant is the new addition to Liverpool Area.

Devine restaurant has planned its grand opening for December 20th. It is located at 23 street, main market Liverpool area. The location area was previously occupied by an old restaurant but the owner of Devine restaurant Joe MIL had purchased it in 2008. Since then, the owner has spent $ 222.433 on the renovation of this restaurant. Now the dining area, fire pits, lounge, and coffee bars are spectacular.

The specialty of this restaurant is Exotic American food like hamburgers and spiked shakes. In honor of the opening, all the guests will receive one a glass of free milkshake.

The menu, however, goes beyond the traditional way. The restaurant is offering a 50% discount on all dishes, everyone is invited to walk in and check the fantastic taste.

The owner has been dreaming of opening the ‘DEVINE’ restaurant his whole life. “I can’t imagine the day is almost here,” said Joe Mil. “Our staff is still working hard to grasp every dish on the menu, trying their level best to win the core of satisfaction on an event, as the first impression is the last.”

The “Rockers” band is there to perform for the enjoyment of guests, and famous photographer MICKY REG will capture this grant event to make it more memorable.

For more details, please contact us at …………………….

Sample 5

Election Commission Committee

Secretariat Head

No.0888 NEC/SH



According to the provincial/ capital election commission, for Monday 11 March 2020, English Party, K.P.L. Party, and National United Party did not follow and conduct any campaign for the elections of the senate in the 5th legislature 2020.

Moreover, no party has conducted marching no one raised any slogan for their favorites. Nevertheless, Peoples Party has held proclamation and dissemination meetings and messages through a loudspeaker at RLP headquarters in the capital and provinces.

Overall the election campaign of Day 4 was conducted in a calm, stable, and violence-free atmosphere. No complaint was filed to NEC.