How to Write a Letter of Interest

A letter of interest is a way to communicate your skills, experiences, and qualifications to recruitment in charge or a human resource department when the company has not posted a job requirement yet. It should be precise, general, and focus on the reason why are you determined for the particular post in the company. Letter of interest acts as a bridge between your skills and hiring needs. It should be unique and specific as per the organization.

The reference to your achievements and skills will enhance the possibilities of being hired. It will help if you have a deep understanding of the goals and values of the company. It will also help your letter of interest to be more relevant and suitable for the onlookers.   In the end, chain up your skills and showcase the best qualities of yourself and how you will add value. Thank them for their concern and time, offer your availability for an interview. In short letter of interest is an opportunity to let your dynamic award-winning personality stand out. Please find the below samples that will help you to get started.

Sample 1

Dear Sir/Madam,

Jeans & Jeans is a well-reputed company in the community of stitching and selling jeans. People like and trust the company that’s why it is going to be highly ranked. I have been a user acquisition manager at Needles Company for seven years. I am quite aware of market strategies for new apps and know how to grab the attention of the user.

As you know that Needles works in a small market and during all these seven years, Jeans & Jeans grew and placed itself at the peak. Since I have done bachelors and taken the marketing degree from the National University, I have launched many marketing campaigns in print and social media.

I’m eager to be a part of this company which is more generative and fertile. I have enclosed my resume and details of my experience and skills. I would love to sit and talk about my strategies regarding your company. I will be right there when you call me for a meeting.


Sample 2


If we talk about the Spottier Spot, nobody can deny the high ranked position of the company. Day by day, it is grooming its place in the market. I understand that you are not currently hiring. However, in the future, if you are looking for someone who can engage the audience for clear and evoking blog posts and also modify them for search engines, you can count on me.

Previously, I was working with FLIP, and I was the best performer in blogging. I wrote weekly posts which averaged 7,500 views, 1001 social shares, and 50 new blog subscribers. I have also devised a new keyword strategy that enhanced the page views for the visual market.

I have read your company every day since I started my marketing career. I am marketing certified, brick by brick I groomed my degree with experiences and innovations.

I believe that my skills would suit the company. I have enclosed my resume along with my documents. I will look forward to the meeting. Thank you for your consideration.


Sample 3


I recently read about you that your company is planning to approach digital marketing; I am here to inquire about this news and to present myself for a marketing position.

I have four years of experience working as a marketing strategist for a local boutique. During these years, I increased the number of website pages views and reduced the customer cost acquisition by 30 percent.

Also, the company’s sale increased up to 50 percent. I am a certified digital engineer, I have attended an internship from XYZ institute, and there I polished my techniques in this field.

My resume is enclosed with my letter so you can take a review of my education, experience, and achievements. I would be thankful to you if you allow me to talk and explain to you how my skills and experience could benefit your company. Thanks for your consideration.

I look forward to speaking with any member of your company


Sample 4

Sir/ Madam,

Please accept my application as a profound interest in scientific research internship position which was listed by the Career Office.

I have laboratory experience in physics, chemistry, biology, and geology, indoors, and the field. In the lab, I have performed many chemical reactions, making acids and compounds. I am also aware of the usage of the microscope and its precautions. Nowadays I am observing microorganism and making their report for L.K. Company. Last year I wrote an article on light and its angle of reflection after many days of hard work.  In environmental studies, I have conducted many outdoor labs on water chemistry.

Last winter, I worked on the post of conservation assistant at a Green Park. I am eager to complement this outdoor experience with an internship so that I can get that background which is necessary for a future career in research and scientific field.

I would like to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time.

Thanks for your consideration


Sample 5


Undeniably L.R Webbies are indeed the sky seekers in web designing field. It remarkably polishes its talent. The positive teamwork and good management mark this company at high ranked.

i am writing to express my interest in the web design specialist position. I have got an experience of designing consumer and health-based website. Most of my experience is in the business world; I am aware of the social values of the non- profit sector.

My responsibilities were to design and develop the website’s editorial voice and style, and the programming and production of the website. I have experience with medical professionals and editors to help them in giving information about the consumer audience of patients and health care experts.

From this experience, I understand how to build a relationship with various departments at an organization. I know how to work in a team as well as cross-team. I can work with web engineers and with the department to apply design and functional enhancement.

I would like a meeting so that I can brief how my skill would benefit the company.