Sophisticate Archetype

What is a Sophisticate Archetype?

Such archetype characters are sensual but have a rational approach to sensuality. They keep a level-headed approach of a sagacious person to such sensual matters and have the potential to use their seductiveness or attraction in a strategic way to achieve their ends. Their major strategy lies in making men feel that they have chosen them despite the fact that it is another way round affair. In fact, such archetypes have other archetype features, and they become sophisticated at times.

Types of Sophisticate Archetype Characters

Although a sophisticated archetype character appears sophisticated all the time, it has the tendency to become a temptress or seductive archetype. Therefore, it has some of the major types as follows though some others could also be added to this list.

  1. Temptress Archetype
  2. Seductive archetype
  3. Siren Archetype
  4. Belle archetype
  5. Dame Archetype
  6. Lass archetype
  7. Damsel archetype

Character Traits of Sophisticate Archetype Characters

Sophisticate archetype characters have several positive traits. They use strategy, enjoy life, are positive and balanced, and keep their heads balanced even when they are playing with the emotions of the strongest men. They do not vacillate from their position or do not show their emotions in the worst circumstances. Although they always mean good whatever they do, sometimes, it turns out highly negative, which shows some negative traits of their characters.

Negative Traits of Sophisticate Archetype Characters

They are highly seductive and dryly sophisticated to the point that they make men their victims and do not let them know even about their own decisions. Although they show that they love them inwardly, they never stick to this superficial promise. They are social butterflies and do not stick to a single man. They think that every man is their potential victim and reach out to anyone who seems out of the reach of others.

Sophisticate Archetype Character Examples in Literature

Example #1

Lady Bab in The Maid of the Oaks by Burgoyne

This play by Burgoyne first appeared in 1774 at a time when speaking French was considered a sign of sophistication. Therefore, Lady Bab presents herself as a sophisticated character in the play. She plays with Dupeley to seduce him and shows herself as an uneducated shepherdess who wants to show her pride in her worldliness. She speaks a highly sophisticated dialect with a good accent, yet her grammar is not good at times. She is a good example of a ‘sophisticate archetype’ character.

Example #2

Jane in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

She is the central character of the novel Jane Eyre. As she is quite honest and has very good features, she also displays her educated background, intelligence, and honesty. Although she has faced hardships and oppression in her life, she does not lose her sophistication. That is why she is a dynamic character and is a good example of a ‘sophisticate archetype’ character.

Example #3

Jo in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

The character of Jo March occurs in Little Women, a novel by Louisa May Alcott. She presents her as a tomboy who is a dreamer as well as a scribbler. Despite this, she is quite bold and outspoken and does not shirk away from taking up responsibility or when it comes to proving herself as a hero. Her heroism goes with her when she stays altruistic toward her family and sacrifices herself for their happiness. That is why she seems a good sophisticate archetype character.

Example #4

Anna in Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

The character of Anna appears in the tour de force of Tolstoy, Anna Karenina. She appears a good, intelligent, and literate girl. She loves reading books and novels and presents her personality elegantly. That is the very reason that she becomes the wife of Alexei, the cold government official. Despite his coldness, she stays a highly noble character who is a cultivated and social figure. Therefore, she could be stated as a good sophisticate archetype character.