10 Inspirational Poems For Kids

Poets, writers, and fiction writers write inspirational pieces to inspire children and adults alike. However, writing inspirational poetry for kids is rare and challenging. These are the top ten best inspirational poems for kids.

Poem #1

Aim High to The Sky by James McDonald

This poem ‘Aim High to The Sky, teaches the value of moment and preparation. James McDonald wrote the poem in just two stanzas with each having four verses. It beautifully captured the moment of success saying that it depends on keeping the aim high, for it is uncertain when the moment of success arrives. He adds two more qualities with it to state if it is coupled with kindness, it takes a person to win success, keeping his mind stable and upright. The beauty of the poetic diction and rhyme scheme has brought this poem to the top of our ranking of the best inspiration poems. Some of its best verses are as follows.

  1. Aim high to the sky.
  2. When it takes to be you.
  3. Be strong and brave / But at the same time be kind.

Poem #2

Don’t Give Up by Phoebe Cary

This short poem “Don’t Give Up” is one of the best inspirational poems for kids. It has four stanzas. Carry wrote this poem to teach an excellent lesson that is to try again and never stop trying. Using different metaphors of birds and vegetation, she has conveyed her lesson that if you are patient, kind, persevere, continue trying, and do not stop trying, you can be successful. The beauty of the poem lies in its simple and down-to-earth language, stanza format, and ABAB rhyme scheme. Some of the best verses from the poem are as follows.

  1. Never stop for crying.
  2. Still their wings grow stronger
  3. She has risen again, and grown.
  4. Gaining victory from defeat.

Poem #3

The Mountain and the Squirrel by Ralph Waldo Emerson

This beautiful and short poem was published in 1876. It is among the best inspirational poems written for kids. The poem presents a conversation between a squirrel, and an animal considered small as compared to a mountain. Both squabble over qualities they each possess. However, the argument of the squirrel is very strong as her logic is that everybody has his/her own talents and these talents work well in different places and contexts. Equipped with a very good rhyme scheme despite the difference in the length of sentences is very interesting. Some of the best verses of this poem are as follows.

  1. The Mountain and the Squirrel / Had a querrel.
  2. You are doubtless big.
  3. But all sorts of things and weather / Must be taken in together.
  4. Talents different’ all is well and wisely put.

Poem #4

A Daydream  by Lolo T. Frenchie

This short poem comprises just fourteen lines. The poem is famous for the world of fantasy it creates for the children and inspires them. Its uplift quality lies in the urge that children must keep themselves balanced and sound despite going through the bad patch of life. The poem happens to teach a lesson that the children should learn to work in teams, continue to dream, and then work for themselves. The beauty of the poem is not in just these thematic strands but even in its beautiful rhyme scheme. The most quoted lines of this poem are as follows.

  1. A fantasy place / Or even out space.
  2. When you’re feeling blue and alone/ A place of your own.
  3. This is my daydream / My place of joy and hope.

Poem #5

If I Were… by Eva L. Robinson

This poem has won hearts across the globe on account of its suitability for children. It is one of the best inspirational poems written for children in this decade. Due to several features such as the expression of desire, the desire to become an icon in society, and the oscillation between fantasy and reality, the poem has always been included among the best poems written for children. The poem has just four stanzas with each stanza having four lines and an ABAB rhyme scheme. Some of the best verses of this poem are as follows.

  1. If I were a queen / I’d rule a mighty land.
  2. If I were a dancer / I’d dance with such grace.
  3. For I can do anything / NO matter what you say.

Poem #6

Thinking by Walter D. Wintle

This simple poem by Walter D was probably written between1901-1905. Wintle has discussed the power of thinking, and the reason that it is among the best inspirational poems for children. The poem has the anaphoric phrase “If you think…” to show that positive thinking does what a person could not do physically. Within four stanzas each having four verses, the poem discusses both sides of winning and losing to argue that if a person loses and loses his heart with this loss, he does not succeed. However, if a person keeps his head high and thinks that he can reverse this situation, he can succeed in life. This positive thinking mostly leads to success. Some of the best verses of this poem are as follows.

  1. If you think hyo are beaten, you are.
  2. If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost.
  3. Success begins with person’s will.
  4. Life’s battles don’t always go / To the stronger of faster men.

Poem #7

Listen To Mum by John P. Read

This is one of the latest poems written by John Read. It has won the hearts and minds of children as well as adults with its moral theme and sincere tone. The poem has forcefulness and exactness of dialogue. An old man recalls his childhood and his mother’s advice that he would repent if he did not act upon that advice and became a fool. However, now the time is gone and damage is done. So, he advises others that life is not just having a ball and that it is more than that. The combination of long and short verses and a good rhyme scheme coupled with the theme has made it one of the best poems. Some of the best verses of this poem are as follows.

  1. I remember when I was small and cool, / I was always playing truant from school.
  2. Now I’m old; the damage is done.
  3. Now let that be a lesson to one and all.

Poem #8

I Will Soar by Annette R. Hershey

This is also one of the recently written poems. Annette R. Hershey wrote it in 2021. The interesting thing about this poem is the simple wish of the poet to become a beautiful bird and fly high. In just six stanzas with each having four verses in ABCB rhyme scheme, the poet has spelled out her wish to be a birdie, having her dreams of flying sky high which is akin to succeeding in this world with more powers. The poet has used assonances and consonances beautifully to create a melody. Some best verses of the poem are as follows.

  1. I’d spread my wings like sunshine.
  2. I’d soar and reach new heights.
  3. We would be free to be free.

Poem #9

Education Can Take You Places by Jennifer L. Betts

It is unclear when this poem appeared, but it is certain that it has a moral lesson for the children which is to educate themselves and be sensible. The main message of the poem is the school. The poet advises the readers, mostly children, that they need to work hard, study and use their brains. However, they must also play with it to be healthy and strong enough to work hard. The use of metaphors, aphoristic style, and a rhetorical question by the end have made it a forceful poem. Some of the best verses of this poem are as follows.

  1. Education will guide you.
  2. School is not about who knew.
  3. You need to study hard.
  4. Don’t mind other’s looks.

Poem #10

I Opened A Book by Julia Donaldson

Although this poem is very short and comprises just one stanza having four verses, its forcefulness lies in its simple message. The message is for the readers who are mostly children that once a person starts reading a book, immerses himself/herself with the storyline so much so that the world is left outside of the book and even behind him. The first-person narrative, simple and precise poetic diction, ABAB rhyme scheme, and connotative message have made this poem to be ranked the best in our list. Some of the best verses of this poem are as follows.

  1. I opened a book and in I strode.
  2. Now nobody can find me.
  3. My town and my world behind me.