Into the Wild Quotes

Quotes or quotations are sentences and lines taken from some literary works to show how they represent universal ideas and themes. These quotes are often quoted during ordinary conversation and specific writings, speeches, and addresses. Into the Wild has famous quotes given for different situations. Some of the famous quotes have been analyzed below.

Quotes in Into the Wild Quotes

Quote #1

“I thought he’d probably get hungry pretty quick and just walk out to the highway. That is why any normal person would do.”

Chapter -1

Jim  Gallien speaks these lines to show that he thinks that Christopher McCandless would return after he drops him at the Stampede Trail and warns him of entering the wild alone. He believes that it is normal that a person finding some risk returns.

Quote #2

“Yet they ignore what I say and think I’d actually accept a new car from them! I’m going to have to be real careful not to accept any gifts from them in the future because they will think they have bought my respect.”

Chapter -3

Krakauer reads excerpts from Chris’ diary. These lines show that he loves Carine, his sister, and occasionally writes her letters to complain about his parents. He does not like their choices. They bought him a car. However, he believes these expensive gifts will not stop his resentment or earn his respect.

Quote #3

“To symbolize the complete severance from his previous life, he even adopted a new name. No longer would he answer to Chris McCandless; he was now Alexander Super -tramp, master of his own destiny.”

Chapter -3

Jon Krakauer tells his readers that McCandless changed his personality by changing his name to Alexander Supertramp instead of Chris. He changed his name and also his destiny, which is now in his own hands. It also means a complete break away from his past life and goes on an uncertain path for a new life and destiny.

Quote #4

“We got to talking. He was a nice kid. Said his name was Alex. And he was big-time hungry. Hungry, hungry, hungry. But real happy.”

Chapter -4

Jan Burres speaks these lines to define Chris McCandless’ personality. Chris makes an impression on Jan. Chris introduces himself with his nickname Alex. Jan Burres observes that Chris is a very happy man with a huge appetite.

Quote #5

“My days were more exciting when I was penniless and had to forage around for my next meal. I couldn’t make it now without money, however, as there is very little fruiting agriculture down here at this time.”

Chapter -4

Chris McCandless is writing to Westerberg. He says that when he is a pauper, he feels excited. He tries to get his next meal and enjoys this struggle to feed himself. However, he does not mean that he gets a meal free of cost. Instead, he pays for it. He also comments on his observation that there are no fruits in that season.

Quote #6

“It is the experiences, the memories, the great triumphant joy of living to the fullest extent in which real meaning is found. God it’s great to be alive! Thank you. Thank you.”

Chapter -4

Chris has written these words in his diary, which shows that he enjoys living on his own expenses. He believes that he is triumphant because he is able to live on his own and independent. He thanks God that he is alive and living happily with what he has.

Quote #7

“He acted like it was hard for him to be around people. I just figured that was because he’d spent so much time by himself.”

Chapter -7

Gail Borah says these words about Chris. She believes he was not such a person who could have lived with the people. Perhaps to indicate that he was an introvert. His acts were as if he was fed up of the people around him. She says that she has seen him spending much of his time alone, and concluded that he wanted to live away from the community environment.

Quote #8

“How is it,” he wonders aloud as he gazes blankly across Chesapeake Bay, “that a kid with so much compassion could cause his parents so much pain?”

Chapter -11

Walt McCandless says these words to state his thoughts about his son Chris McCandless. He recalls his son was always full of compassion. However, once he went into the wild, he had caused pain to his parents. He wonders at it and looking at the Chesapeake Bay to dispel his impression of the insensitivity that his son has shown.

Quote #9

“Chris just didn’t like being told what to do. I think he would have been unhappy with any parents; he had trouble with the whole idea of parents.”

Chapter -11

Eric Hathaway explains that Chris did not like the parents who controlled their children. He was against this idea. That is why he was always unhappy, and he must have been the same with any parents. In fact, he had had trouble forming relationships with such parents.

Quote #10

“You can’t fix it. Most things you can fix, but not that. I don’t know that you ever get over this kind of loss. The fact that Chris is gone is a sharp hurt I feel every single day.”


Chris’ mother, Billie McCandless, says these words. She mourns her son’s death and feels utterly lost after the death of her son. She tells Krakauer that people can forget many such things, but the pain that she suffers after his death is sharp, and she has to deal with it every day.